Krishna Chali London 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shukla insults Veer Written Episode

Krishna Chali London 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Shukla did he recall old memories. He asks him to smile in tough times, his good pic will come in newspaper. They pose for media. Shukla gets angry. Sunaina greets Shuklain. Shukla family gets in. Sunaina says I can’t do this, I have cut the ribbon, now let me just go, this will not help you. Veer says I m here because of this family, I have got this job by Shukla again. Shukla says how dare Veer do this, he has come back for revenge. He gets angry. Triloki comes to know the matter. Shukla sends Shuklain out. He gives money to Triloki and asks him to teach a lesson to Veer. Triloki says don’t worry, now wait and watch I do, you go on stage now. Shukla gets angry. Sunaina tries to talk to Shuklain. Bela greets her and shares a talk. Shuklain turns away. Minister asks Shukla why is he worried. Shukla complains about Veer. Minister says let him play the game, he is just a brick and you are the wall, see your pic is fixed on the wall, come for the press conference. Triloki signs Shukla.

Minister welcomes the press and asks Shukla to address them. Shukla says I m glad that Veer has made his mum cut the ribbon, we both are connected through one person, his name is Late Ramakant Sahay, my old accountant, he was a great man, the irony is that he couldn’t get saved when he got ill, and now his son studied medicine in London and we are fortunate that he will be working in Radhe’s hospital. Everyone claps. Shukla says I m sure that this hospital…. People come here and protest against Veer. Minister asks what’s the problem. People pelt stones at Veer. Sunaina shouts. Veer sees Sunaina hit and fights with the men. Shukla and Triloki smile. The people catch Veer. Veer gets caught by the men. The men throw blank ink on Veer. Media records this incident. Veer and Sunaina get shocked.

Shukla says east or west, Shukla is the best, look at Veer, he will go back to London, ask your men to leave. A man goes to blacken Sunaina’s face. Krishna asks her to beware. She saves Sunaina and asks the men to stop it. Triloki asks his men to leave. Veer hugs Sunaina. Krishna asks why are you obsessed with London, I was also there, I will tell the truth, this hospital is named after Radhe, Dr. Veer was a big doctor in London, then an incident happened, we did what we felt right, one thing which didn’t change is Dr. Veer, he was the best doctor, is and will always be, Kanpur and this hospital should be thankful that Veer has agreed to become part of this hospital. Shukla gets angry. Minister says this hospital belongs to you all, forget whatever happened. Veer sees Krishna.

Shukla and his family stay angry on Krishna. Bela instigates him. He asks Krishna to stop there. Veer sees his stained shirt. Sunaina says Krishna was amazing today, she took a stand for us in front of her family, are you sure that Krishna has signed the papers and gave it to Batra. Shukla scold Krishna and asks why did she defend Veer. He asks why did we go there, did we go to just clap. He gets angry further.

Veer says Shukla, I will show you what’s an insult. Minister invites Shukla in the party. Veer gets insulting Shukla. Krishna looks on.

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