Krishna Chali London 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Shuklain is fooled by Bela Written Episode

Krishna Chali London 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela and Shuklain coming to meet tantric. They get scared seeing the men possessed and chanting. They meet the tantric. He scolds them for disturbing him during his worship. He says your son Radhe… Shuklain says yes Radhe is my son. He says your son is yearning to meet you. She cries and greets him. Sunaina says Veer wanted to become a doctor and go away from this city, I used to pray that he doesn’t fall in troubles, he is very innocent, his dreams were too big, I was relieved, but it hurts when dreams break. Krishna says I broke his dream, you have cursed me and I came to apologize, maybe I got too late, Radhe and I were not happy with the punishment Veer had got there, maybe Lord had fixed this punishment for me. Sunaina says no, I didn’t want you to go through this, you had a connection with Veer when Shukla refused to give money to his dad, this was all decided. The tantric says nothing was decided, he went abroad for that girl, leaving his parents. Shuklain says yes. Tantric says fate didn’t like this, he is suffering. He shouts Radhe. Shuklaun and Bela sit blindfold. He asks them not to open their eyes. He says Radhe has come here.

Sunaina says Radhe felt like he was family, we never got to talk about this, what had happened that he died. Tantric fools Shuklain. She cries for Radhe and says we have waited for you for long. She asks why didn’t you come to us. Tantric says he is saying he misses you, he is feeling lonely. She says I want to touch my son. He says its not possible. She shouts why. He says he can touch you. Krishna says Radhe wanted to surprise me and bought a white dress for me, he asked me to wear it and come for the wedding. The pics fly by wind. Krishna says I told him that I don’t know the route, we were talking on the phone. Shuklain says my son is touching my feet. She cries and says come and hug me. Tantric asks why did you not stop Krishna, I felt very bad. She says give a hug to your mother. She opens her eyes and doesn’t see anyone. He asks what did you do. She shouts Radhe. Windows open. Pics fly around. Veer wakes up and says I have killed him, he died by my car. Sunaina shuts window and says nothing happened. Veer says I killed him, he died. Krishna says calm down, lie down. He sleeps.

Shuklain says forgive me, my son went away because of me. Tantric says calm down, you can go home now. Shuklain says my son had come and touched my feet. He asks her to arrange lunch for the spirit. She says I will make food for my son. Sunaina picks the pics and keeps it in the file. She says Veer didn’t forget his mistake yet. Krishna says I will be here, you go and take rest, I will go in the morning. Sunaina says if you need anything, wake me up. She goes. Krishna sits by Veer’s side and checks his fever. He holds her hand. He says don’t go anywhere, I will be left alone. Shuklain and Bela leave for home. Bela says we didn’t give him Dakshina. Shuklaun says wait, give all the money to him. Bela says fine, I will just come. She goes out. Veer says I keep shouting at you, even them you are here. She says its okay, I didn’t do right with you. He says I made a big mistake in London, I did a really bad thing, I m wrong.

Veer takes bath and sings. Krishna hears him and thinks he has such a bad voice. Veer gets shocked seeing her in his room. Krishna says don’t think I here for you, you are not a charmer.

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