Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update Lovely challenges Nimrat. Written Episode

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Nimrat says to Lovely, I will tell sikander and that to right now, Lovely scared says I will never tell sikander that kulfi is your daughter, Sikander and kulfi practising, Sikander sings to her, nimrat walks in, kulfi joins him sing, Bebe and gunjan walk in and happy to see them, Kulfi gets emotional and runs away. Nimrat thinks I will tell your baba the truth first let me deal. Lovely Wakes up to annoying alarms flying books at her, nimrat says go talk to Sikander tell him truth or keep facing this, lovely says please leave me alone, and come in front of me you can’t do anything to me, Lovely locks herself in cupboard and says I won’t tell sikander, nimrat locks her in the cupboard and throws keys in ground, nimrat says I will tell him truth I’m just keeping you away from me.

Kulfi in balcony crying, sikander sees her and walks to her, and says kulfi you crying, Kulfi says no I’m not, Kulfi says I’m happy, sikander says you can’t lie to me, Kulfi says I never lie to you, sikander says you did, you said you want to go boarding school why, Kulfi says because I want to, sikander says tell me the truth,why you want to leave me and go,Kulfi says I don’t want to, and hugs him, nimrat sees them, nimrat sees ketchup and plate, she drops the ketchup, flies stick to ketchup fly over the glass and imprint kulfi is sikanders daughter.

Lovely tries to get out of cupboard, and starts banging the door and says oh god what If nimrat tells the truth. Nimrat says Sikander please turn around you will find the truth,Lovely gets out of cupboard and runs out,nimrat sees lovely,lovely sees the glass and gets scared, and says good if Sikander sees it all will be finished,she runs out and says Sikander what are you doing, go get Amyras medicines do you love her or not, you don’t show any responsibility, you keep wasting time with her, Sikander confused, Kulfi feels bad and runs away.

Sikander says lovely what’s wrong with you, it’s all happening because of you, you have stopped me from going close to amyra, what you want, Lovely says you know, sikander says I’m doing, lovely says just go get medicines and you aren’t allowed to see amyra yet, and I see no efforts.sikander leaves. Lovely says please nimrat stop it, leave me alone, you want to kill me,do it but I won’t tell the truth,wait a minute you hate me but you won’t hurt me, you can’t do anything, you and kulfi are good for nothing, be like me, I can do anything for my daughter but you couldn’t do anything, I almost killed my baby, but all to keep kulfi away from Sikander and my baby gets all the love and for Amyra and her dad, I can do anything and if anyone tells the truth me and my baby will kill ourselves.

Lovely says nimrat you have done nothing for kulfi, you are useless and always will be and will throw kulfi out of this house, in just 2 days, get it straight. Nimrat beside Kulfi, Kulfi asleep, Jonny rushes in and barks, nimrat says don’t I know you love Kulfi a lot and she loves you a lot, she is innocent she just cares about others , that’s how she is, I’m trying but I’m failing, tell me Jonny, sikander walks in, and sees kulfi asleep.

Pre cap : nimrats diary falls of lovely’s cupboard, nimrat passes neat Sikander, Sikander reads it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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