Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update Kulfi bids goodbye. Written Episode

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Lovely shouts Sikander look what’s wrong with Amyra, Sikander calls doctor, doctor says she had an attack again, keep her happy and give her no tension, Sikander says sure thank you. Sikander and lovely near amyra. Sikander thinking about his daughter by Nimrat, Lovely has her eye on diary. Amyra wakes up, sikander asks how are you, amyra says I’m fine, sikander says rest and you will be fine, nimrat says we don’t have time, read the diary, Kulfi will leave tomorrow, amyra says good night and goes to sleep, sikander about to leave, amyra says promise me you won’t leave me and go tonight please, sikander says I won’t, I will always be with you, but you will have to sleep now.amyra holds sikanders hand and goes to sleep. Sikander looks at the diary.

Lovely thinks diary is with Sikander and if he reads ahead he will learn about kulfis truth,amyra falls asleep, Lovely calls kulfi and says this is your last night with sikander go spend time with him, I will look after amyra go quickly, Kulfi slowly walks to Sikander and says I will go tomorrow so please, sikander in tears hugs her, lovely thinks I can’t stop him from reading but atleast can delay, atleast till Kulfi is here and by the time he finds she will be gone far away. Lovely makes a call and says remember Kulfi shouldn’t reach boarding school, I don’t want any mistakes.

Sikander says kulfi the school you are going is very nice, don’t feel bad if I’m not there, get along with new friends, Kulfi says you don’t worry about me, you will take care about yourself right, sikander thinks I don’t know where my daughter with Nimrat is and because of Amyra I will have to leave Kulfi too, Kulfi about to call him baba but stops and says take Amyras good care, nimrat says read the diary and you will learn about kulfi, why god why are you playing these games.

Kulfi about to leave the house, sikander and kulfi both upset, Kulfi remembers time spend with Sikander, Kulfi thinks my first day I thought this house was a palace but people here have bigger hearts what will I do without them, Lovely on call says okay car is here. And says Sikander car from boarding school is here we should leave, let’s go Kulfi. Sikander starts crying seeing her leave.kulfi and lovely get in the lift. Sikander holding diary in one hand and kulfis luggage in other walks in the lift, lovely’s eye on diary.

Kulfi asks Sikander to stop crying and not to bid her good bye this way, and says you are my hero keep smiling, sikander hugs her and breaks down, nimrat says please read the diary and stop her for god’s sake, Kulfi and Sikander break down, sikander keeps diary down, Lovely says she has to go, it’s late.lovely pulls kulfi away, and puts her in the car, nimrat says please read the diary, Kulfi leaves lovely’s hand and hugs Sikander, lovely forces her in the car, sikanders bracelet gets in kulfis hand.

Lovely puts kulfi in the car, Kulfi leaves, Sikander breaks down, Lovely thinks you lost Kulfi , you have no idea where I’m sending you, save your tears you will neared them,Sikander picks his diary and runs away. Nimrat says Sikander please read the diary, Sikander reads ahead, and in shock.

Pre cap : Sikander reads the diary ahead, he finds out it’s Kulfi, his daughter and rushes to get her back. Sikander finds the car.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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