Kumkum Bhagya 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Nikhil threatens Dr. Anjali to know about DNA report Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Abhi falling on Pragya and acts to sleep. Pragya thinks if he is asleep. Abhi gets up and tells that he was making Tanu jealous. Pragya says you say anything when drunk and asks him to come out. King asks Aaliya why is she crying? He asks her to lighten her heart and talk. Aaliya says how can anyone make the broken heart light and says you might have never understand, and says it hurts. She says lucky are those who are in love and says it is nonsense. He says those are lucky who love and their heart don’t break. She says she fell in love and then her heart broke, and asks what is her mistake, she loved and tells that she can’t live without her broken heart. She says she fell in love, but she couldn’t get it. She tells that people become good in love, but love makes you do wrong things today. She says I did wrong to get Purab, and tells that love made her do it. She says whenever I see Purab and Disha together then it hurts and she wants to cross all limits. She says I love purab, and then stops thinking Purab’s happiness is in Disha. She thinks she can’t separate them as she doesn’t want purab’s heart to break. She says I really don’t know what to do. She says shall I do what I want or think about Purab. She says shall I fight with my destiny, listen to my mind or heart, I just don’t know. She says I get happy seeing him from far, but people like you come and taunt me. She says it is not easy and says you will understand when your heart breaks and asks him to stop lecturing her, to stop making her understand and asks him to understand that she is just a girl who just wants to be loved. King hugs her to pacify her. Chachi thinks wife is somewhere, husband is somewhere, what a kalyug.

Aaliya breaks the hug, says sorry and goes. Tanu thinks if Abhi tells their marriage truth to Pragya then she will also tell her marriage truth and then they will kick her out and get back together. She thinks Nikhil is a waste, good for nothing. Nikhil thinks of Tanu’s taunts and stands outside the hospital. Dr. Anjali sits in her car. Ward boy gives her files. Nikhil thinks to shoot her if she don’t agree. Pragya takes Abhi to room and wipes his face with a towel. Abhi says I didn’t know that everything became happy and says you got worried seeing me drinking. Pragya says I was worried about the party. Abhi says liar. Pragya is about to go. Abhi says I missed everything about you, fighting, cheering, etc. She says you don’t want to leave me, but now asking me to let you go. He asks why she is afraid. Pragya says I am not helpless.

Abhi asks then why she goes far from him and asks if her helplessness is big than her love. Pragya says if someone sees us here then…..Abhi says Chachi will think that her doubt came true and says we love each other. He asks her to stay with him. Nikhil follows Dr. Anjali and thinks if she had agreed then this thing wouldn’t have happen. Dr. Anjali thinks someone is following her. Nikhil does her accident and gets down from her car. He comes to Dr. Anjali and drags her out. He then threatens her and tells that he is giving her last chance. Dr. Anjali says she doesn’t. Nikhil threatens to kill her. Dr. Anjali says it is DNA report and tells that Abhi is getting his DNA matched with kiara. Nikhil says I need to ask this only.

Abhi tells Pragya to button his shirts. Pragya says can’t you do. Abhi says you always made me ready for the party, atleast help me. Tera Yaar hun main plays……Abhi asks if we can’t stay like this. Pragya says no. Abhi asks who will be upset with your union. Pragya goes. Abhi goes behind Pragya and touches her. Her dress gets pulled and tears up. Abhi asks her to wear his sherwani. Pragya refuses. Abhi says I want to help you. Pragya says I will ask help from someone. Abhi says king is your brother and asks her to come to room. Pragya says walk behind me. Disha sees Abhi and Pragya going to room. Abhi tries to put thread in the needle and says it was his mistake so he will rectify it. Pragya says it is not your mistake and asks him to give thread and needle and says she will stitch. Abhi says you can’t tell this and tells that he is a rockstar. He asks her not to move else someone might see. Pragya says there is nobody here except us. Abhi says really. He says I will do and still tries to put thread in needle. Tanu is crying in her room and thinks of Abhi and Pragya’s hug in the bathroom. She thinks of Pragya’s words and says I will not let you snatch Abhi from me, I have stayed with him more than you and asks her to go away.

Tanu asks Nikhil to kill Pragya and says she will walk on her dead body and will come to him. Nikhil looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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