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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Nikhil that he can talk big, but he doesn’t love her. She sees Dadi coming there and asks Nikhil to hide. He hides behind the car. Dadi asks Tanu with whom she is talking to and says she heard her saying that he doesn’t love her. Tanu says I said, but I was talking to God. Dadi says I saw you waiting for someone and asks if she is responsible for attack on Pragya and says if you are guilty then I will throw you out of this house. Dr. Anjali gets the lab doctor’s call and he tells her that Abhi is biological father of Kiara. Dr. Anjali thinks she will not be scared of Nikhil and will tell truth to Abhi. Abhi applies ointment to Pragya. Dadi brings haldi milk and asks Abhi to make pragya drink. King gets upset seeing Abhi taking care of Pragya. Abhi asks Pragya to drink slowly. Tanu tells Aaliya that one flower and two gardener. Aaliya says Abhi and King’s hatred are increasing. Dr. Anjali gives the report to someone and asks him to give the report to Abhi in the morning, and tells that someone wants to snatch the report, but don’t give to anyone. Dr. Anjali thinks to call Abhi and tell him. Abhi’s phone rings. Tanu picks the call. Dr. Anjali tells that she is Abhi’s fan. Tanu asks who is she? Dr. Anjali ends the call. Tanu searches for her number, but it is locked. She thinks if she was fan or someone else. King thinks who wants to kill Pragya and who has problem from her. Purab comes to Disha. Disha asks if FIR is fired. Purab says Abhi filed it. Disha says good. Purab thinks of their conversation and hugs her. Disha asks what happened? Purab says sorry and tells that he didn’t give any wrong impression to Aaliya. He apologizes. Disha says I am sorry and says I shall understand that you will not do anything with wrong intention. She says I am wrong.

In the morning, Pragya recalls Abhi’s care for her and wishes to call him. She thinks she wants to return to him, but it can’t happen. Abhi waits for 8 am and calls her. Pragya thinks I wanted to call him and got his call. She picks his video call. Abhi says I am worried for you and that doesn’t mean that I was waiting to call you at 8 am. Pragya says you would have call in the afternoon. He asks about his bandage. Pragya says it is fine as Mr. Singh does it. Abhi says King? Pragya says you worry for the bandage. Abhi says he can’t see her in pain and asks her not to look at him else he will fall in love again. Pragya tells that King cared for me at your house. Abhi says I lifted you and took you to my room etc. Pragya says he asked me not to get up. Abhi says what your King have done? He says I am coming to meet you. Pragya says Mr. Singh. Abhi says this name will not come on your mouth, I know that you loves me and I stay in your heart. He says here also, same feelings….He says I love my fuggi.

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