Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan gets tensed as he is about to be married Written Episode

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Prithvi is looking for Billa, he is however unaware that Billa is walking behind him, Manisha comes and hits him so that he gets unconscious, She ask Prithvi to be conscious of his surrounding as she cannot come to help him every time, he think that he must not say anything to her as he needs her, he goes with what she says and tries to bind him, she gets nervous asking him to hurry, they quickly bound him and think where they would hide him as if they take him outside than everyone will know.
Prithvi and Manisha try to hide him but are unable to, he asks her for help, she says that if it was not her wedding than she would never agree to but then ends up placing him in the cupboard. Prithvi thinks her for her help.
She opens the door and sees Preeta standing there, she is not able to understand what she has to say and leaves, Preeta comes with a servant asking him to take the wardrobe, he gets nervous and asks why they want to take it outside, Preeta says that the wardrobe has the contents needed for the Puja and she has to take it, Prithvi says that he will help but the servant clarifies that it has wheels so no help is needed.
Manisha enters the room, her friends ask her to hurry, and she takes her clothes and finds that there are torn.
Preeta asks Prithvi to remain with her because she has top talk with him, he gets nervous and asks why she wants to talk with him. She says that she needs to ask why he was with Manisha in the room, he asks her why she could even think that he was doing something wrong with Manisha, he tries to justify that he is only trying to make her realize that she does not need to marry Karan, and will; do all that he can to save Karan. He thinks of what Preeta will think of him and will she believe it, however Preeta does not answer. His get a call and Preeta wonders that he is hiding something.
Rishab asks the inspector what the news is, he says that he could not find anything regarding Prithvi but he would often come to his police station because there was a case going on. He says that his colleague told him these thing s, Rishab thinks that he will dig deeper into this case.
Karna is very tensed and calls everyone to the room, he says that he is very tensed because he is about to be married, Dadi says that he is about to be ruined and they all are not doing anything, Preeta says that he is over reacting as he will remain in the same house, He gets annoyed with this, Rishab tries to calm him down saying that Manisha is a good looking girl and very smart, Karan says that he should marry her if he thinks that she is smart, they starts to quarrel, Janki request that they should both stop because no one will marry her, she has torn the Lehnga of the function. Preeta asks that it would be off no good, Janki says that he did this because they would get sometime and so that Sarla should also come and she might help them, Shrishti says that Sarla will never do anything like that.
They all are talking when Manisha comes shouting demanding to know who has done this, Rakhi tries to defend everyone and make her realize that it is just a coincidence, Manisha is not convinced and threatens Karan that she will ruin everyone’s life as they all are doing everything to stop their wedding. She says that he is not man enough to tell everyone the truth and the promise which he made to her. She ask him to be prepared at the time of the marriage and leaves calling him lot of names.
Karan says that he is not marrying her because she was in love with someone else but is only doing this because of a deal, he gets angry and leaves, Rishab goes after her.
Sherlin is very worried of what Prithvi will be doing, Prithvi is looking for the box but stumbles into Manisha she walks away, he turns and again bumps into Karan, he also leaves after him, Rishab comes and when Prithvi tries to ask him he stops him then thinking of what the inspector said wonder sif he should turn back, when he turns Prithvi is not there, he wonders where he has gone, Shrishti comes and says that Rakhi is very tensed with regard to Karna so he must go after her and she will go to look after Karan. Rishab gets much tensed wondering what he must do.

Precap: Prithvi is wondering what he must do, Karan talks with Manisha she threatens that she would do whatever she wants to with her family and will talk the same way even with Preeta, Karna gets mad and is about to slap her.

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