Kunj, How can I forget you? (TwiNj) OS Written Episode

Kunj’sPOV: She came into my life like an angel. At first, she became my friend, then she became part of my life and now she is my life.


A house is shown. In bed room, our hero Kunj is lieing in bed and facing the wall. His eyes where swollen because of cry.

Kunj: You gave me everything God. House, Moneu and luxurious life. But, there is no one for me either in this house or outside the house. There is no one for me in this world. What life is this? I don’t want this building any more.

He stepped out of his house with tears and walking in the deserted road at night 10.30 pm. He walks in the direction of his legs. Suddenly, he heared a dashing sound and he looked back. A car went in high speed. He looks at the car and then at road. A girl was lieing in the pool of blood.

He rushed towards the girl. She is semi – conscious. She looked deep into Kunj’s eyes. He can’t face that gaze. She hold Kunj’s hands.

She: please, save me.

Kunj don’t know what to do? He took his mobile and dialled a number. Kunj explains to that person. Next, few minutes ambulance came. He lifted her.

She is admitted in hospital. Her hands where holding Kunj’s. While admitting her in ICU they take her hand away from him. Tears escaped from his eyes.

Kunj: Veer, please save me for her. She plead me, Veer. It’s disturbing me.

Veer: don’t worry, she will be alright.

Veer enters into ICU and start the treatment. He takes scan in her head, after few hours he came out.

Veer: Kunj, she will be fine. Her right hand and leg is fractured. So that, she shouldn’t strain herself for atleast one month. Also, her medulla oblongata is damaged little. She may have temporary memory loss. Otherwise, she is ok.

Kunj(smiles little): Thank you so much, Veer.

Veer: who is she? I never saw her before with you.

Kunj: she is God’s Pari. He sent her for me.

Veer: ok, you can see her after she gain conscious.

Kunj nods.

After a while, he went to see her. She opened her eyes slightly. Her head pained, she hold her head with her left hand.

She: excuse me, shall i know where i was? (Starts crying) I don’t remember anything. Who i am?

Kunj: you are my friend, Twinkle.

She: Twinkle. Is this my name?

Kunj nods.

Twinkle: are we friends? What about my parents?

Kunj: we are orphans.

Twinkle: orphans.

Kunj: don’t strain yourself. You sleep for sometime. After 2 days, we will go to our home.

Twinkle: our home?

Kunj: yeah, our home. Sleep now.

After 2 days, he took her to his home. Already, he did little alterations, so that she can comfortably see the home as hers too.

He take care of her as like kid. He used to cook and feed her. She starts melting in his selfless love. She used to sleep in his lap. She never felt him as stranger. He too gave his full hearted love for her. But, he never tried to find her family or details.

Two months went, now she starts walking. She is very childish towards him. But he likes that.

One day, Kunj woke up and went to rest room. He saw the mirror and he screamed. Twinkle applied his face full of shaving cream and darkrned his eyebrow. He hears laughing sound from outside and he went out and chased her. She ran with laughing.

Days went like this. Kunj feels very very happy. Meanwhile, Veer warns him. If she gains memory, she will forget him. He ignores it.

6 months passed like this, one day she went to kitchen and cooked with the help of information from internet. She stand there for more than an hour, but nothing get ready.

Kunj: if we want to eat, you should light the stove.

She raised her eyebrows and look at the burner and turns to him innocently. Then, Kunj helps her in cooking. While eating,

Kunj: i am there are for cooking na. Why are you doing such things?

Twinkle: in every house hold, wife will cook for husband. But here husband is cooking for wife.

Kunj look at her unbeleivibgly. She had food and went to her room. Kunj walked to and fro in his room. She entered his room.

Twinkle: I love You Kunj. Will you marry me?

Tears fall from Kunj’s eyes.

Twinkle: whether i said anything wrong? Whatever your decision

Before she completes,

Kunj(cups her face): I too love you,

He hugged her tightly.

Kunj: till before you come in my life i thought, there is no one for me. But, when you entered my life, you are my only world. Don’t leave me at any time, Twinkle.

Twinkle(with tears): i won’t leave you. I wish to be your wife soon. All just i need is, you should tie mangalsutra infront of God idol in temple tomorrow.

Cool breeze blow into the room. Kunj kissed her fore head, then eyes and he tasted her lips. He kissed her passionately. Both lie in bed facing each other. Room went dark.

Next day, both went to temple. This is first time after 6 months, Twinkle see outside world. Kunj got a call. He went away to attend it. Twinkle stand alone. She saw few members and she get memory flashes. Her head starts paining. She faints.

Those people rush towards her. They shouted, “Jasmine, Jasmine. Beta, where were you these many days?” Kunj went to the crowd. Kunj,”who are you?” Man, “She is my daughter, Jasmine. She went missing 6 month back.” They showed him their family photo. Then, they take her with them. Kunj is shattered. He don’t wish to argue with them. He returned home with fully devasted.


Kunj: She went away. She is not mine now.

He cries like a child and lies his head on his lap. Someone patted his shoulder. He lift his head and surprised to see Twinkle standing infront of him.

Twinkle: if someone take me away from you, you will leave me na. Why you didn’t argue with them?

Kunj: Twin… sorry Jasmine

Twinkle: I wish to be your Twinkle forever Kunj. I remember everything when i saw them, but, how can i forget you, Kunj?


Man(with worried voice): Jasmine Beta, where did you went? We searched all over city. We can’t able to find you.

Twinkle: who are you?

Man(shocked): i am your dad, beta.

Twinkle: no, leave me. I have to go Kunj will wait for me. You are telling me as your daughter. But he take care of me as my father last six months. I want him. Please, let me go to my Kunj.

She cries heavily.

Man: don’t cry na, baby. I will drop you in your Kunj place.

Woman: she is only speaking like kid. Why are you supporting her? We will bring her memory back.

Man: she didn’t regain her memory after she met us also. That much he is in her memory. I believe that boy will take care of my Jasmine like her princess.


Twinkle(with tears): I lied to my father for you Kunj. I wish to be only Twinkle not as Jasmine. Your Twinkle, only we two in our world.

Kunj gets emotional and hugs her tightly

Twinkle: why you named me Twinkle.

Kunj: because when you opened your eyes, it twinkled like star.

Twinkle hugs him back.

– Happy Ending

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