Ladies Special 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kangana’s Revelation Written Episode

Ladies Special 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kangana goes to hospital holding Amar’s bag and Bindu’s suitcase to meet Amar. Amar is surprised to see her in Indian clothes and says he did not identify her at first sight. She says if she want s to meet Mota pappa and mamma by chance, so she wore Indian dress. She asks how is mota pappa now. Amar says he is out of ICU, but can only tell howmuch his heart is damaged only after seeing reports, thanks her for recommending him in this hospital. He asks why did she bring Bindu’s bag. She says Bindu is staying here since long and needs clothes, so she brought her bag. Bindu comes, and Kangana asks if she can meet Mota pappa. Bindu says not yet as he is still unconscious. Kangana says it is okay then and leaves. Bindu tells Amar that Mota mamma warned she does not need any help from her and Amar, so they cannot meet Mota pappa.

Meghna travels with Prarthana and Puneeth in Puneeth’s car and asks Puneeth to forward Prarthana’s song link. Prarthana taunts her that she became hifi. Meghna says Jyoti is learning computers for their business and even teaching her. Their jokes continue and finally they discuss if they should take flowers for mota pappa and why Amar is getting Mota pappa treated in different hospital while Amar himself is a big cardiologist.

Bindu takes food for Mota mamma, but she scolds and sends her and Amar away. Bindu requests nurse to serve food to Mota mamma saying it is from hospital’s side. Nurse agrees and gives food to Mota mamma. Bindu relaxes. Amar meets Kangana in parking lot and requests her to prepare a presentation for him. She agrees. He asks her how did divorce papers reached Mota pappa when papers were in his bag and Bindu had shown it to Kangana before. Kangana gets angry and asks if he called him here to know who sent divorce papers to Mota pappa. Amar says he is just asking and wants to clear his doubt. He then sees Meghna and Prarthana getting out of car and tells Kangana that Bindu’s friends are coming and he needs to go. Kangana yells if he is ashamed of introducing her to Bindu’s friends. Amar walks away and meeting Meghna and Prarthana takes them in hospital. They ask why did he get Mota pappa admitted in this hospital instead of his hospital. Amar says he is joining this hospital. Senior doctor walks to Amar and shouts how dare he is to fix interview with dean by recommendation and trying to snatch his job. Amar says he does not need his job and can work as his junior, he just wants to treat Mota pappa. Dean shouts he is doubting his treatment, he will make sure he does not pass interview. Amar says he will give interview loyally and it is up to him and his panel whether to select him or not.

Prarthana goes out and sees Kangana there in car, meets her and asks what is she doing here. Kangana reveals that Amar is her boyfriend. On the other side, Bindu informs Meghna that she has decided to get out of Amar’s life after knowing about Kangana’s suicide attempt. Meghna scolds her not to take all blame on herself, Kangana is shrewd and is a big culprit and wants to snatch Amar, she should not let her succeed in her evil plan.

Precap: Meghna tells Mandar that Kangana has to go away from Bindu and Amar’s lives. Mota pappa’s heart beat increases seeing Amar. Mota mamma says ealier Amar was Mota pappa’s heart beat, but now Mota pappa hates him.

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