Ladies Special 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Viraj Fails To Propose Prarthana Written Episode

Ladies Special 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu prays god to get Mota pappa well soon and get Amar job in this hospital so that he can treat Mota pappa soon. Amar hears her prayers. A senior lady sitting nearby tells her husband that this girl is praying for her family since morning without even having water, may god fulfill her prayers. Amar hears that and goes to bring food for her from canteen. Bindu sees him and gets food for him. The both offer each other food. Old couple discuss they both look pretty together and care for each other. Amar says canteen food is not bad. Bindu says in hunger, any food tastes good and he did not have food since 2 days. Mota pappa wakes up and calls Bindu. Mota mamma runs out to call Bindu. A lady passes by and hearing him walks in. He mistakes him as Bindu and asks where was she. Mota mamma brings Bindu and Amar. Mota pappa says Bindu lied, so she should take her bag and go away. Bindu runs away from there. Amar walks behind her and tries to console her. Bindu says when she came to his house, she became his friend and was even ready to leave, but she became so closer to his family that she cannot go away from them. Mota mamma walks to her and asks her to not come near Mota pappa again.

Mandar takes Meghna to their factory and seeing no power goes to check fuse. Meghna sees 2 people in and shouts thinking them as ghost. Mandar fixes fuse and returns and laughs showing dolls, says Khadar bhai ordered them along with many other items. She asks why. He says only Khadar bhai can explain, he brought her here to show this. They return home. Mandar asks Baba to take Meghna out for sometime and murmurs his plans in his ears. Baba tells Meghna that he is feeling suffocated and needs fresh air. Meghna says she will take him out. Mandar asks her to show their new sign board to Baba and it will take only 15-20 min. Meghna leaves. Mandar picks a bag from cupboard to gift something to Meghna. Meghna returns. Mandar takes her to room. She gets busy with household chores again. He forcefully makes her lie on bed and shows moon and stars decoration made by him on ceiling. She says gets excited seeing that. He says he could not get her much in so m any years, she should have been born as a queen, so at least he thought of bringing sky near to her. She says he does not know what all he gave her and in fact she is queen and he is her king.. Their romance continues..

Viraj decorates whole room with candles to have dinner date with Prarthana. Kishan jokes he saw same setup in a horror movie. Viraj changes chandle setup and asks how is it looking now. Kishan says a bit better. Viraj takes out diamond ring and says he will propose Prarthana. Kishan jokes again. Prarthana rings bell. Viraj hurriedly hides Kishan behind sofa ordering not to hear his private conversation. Prarthana enters and asks why did he take so much time. He says he was in. She asks if she thinks she is arrogant or egoistic. He says no. She explains her problem. Viraj repeats it and giving solution silently picks ring to propose her. Candle falls down in nervousness and burns floor. Prarthana sees that and hurriedly throws water on it. Prarthana keeps ring back in his pocket.

Precap: Amar requests Bindu not to go. Bindu says she has to. Mota pappa gets partial paralysis.

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