Ladies Special 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna Scolds Khadar Bhai Written Episode

Ladies Special 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana yells at Viraj that he did not give proper solution to her problem and wasted so much money on candles. He says what about khichdi. She walks away shouting have it himself. Amar stops Kangana from completing presentation and says he will not let her stress herself more, so he will finish rest of presentation. She says even he wants her to go like Bindu did not let her meet Mota pappa. Amar says she worked on presentation whole night and should go home and rest. He walks out of her car while she sleeps on her chair. Prarthana returns home and tells Puneeth lied to her and did not inform her about Bindu’s problem. Puneeth says maybe due to fear like he was afraid and lied her, like she lied that money was Viraj and it was her money instead to help him, she cannot judge each lie with same view as each lie has its own story. Prarthana says Viraj was right, but she wrongly scolded him. Next day, Prarthana’s father gets ready to go for signing interview. Family wishes him good luck. Viraj enters and wishes him.

Amar returns after his job interview and says Dr. Shroff was hell bent to disqualify him and asked same questions Bindu asked. He goes into flashback where Dr. Shroff tells panel members that Dr. Amar wants job in this hospital treat his Mota pappa and does not trust his treatment. Amar says he knows Mota pappa’s case history, so he wants to handle Mota papa’s case. Dr. Shroff continues opposing and asks if Amar will sign a contract to work as his junior for a stipulated time. Amar agrees and shows his presentation. Out of flashback, Amar thanks Bindu for her help and requests her not to leave him alone in this situation. Bindu says she has to go, but will make sure his whole family is filled with happiness and well settled.

Meghna’s children go to her factor in the morning after getting ready and play with Khadar bhai’s ordered dolls. Khadar Bhai scolds them. They ask toffee. He says he cannot give them everytime. Jyoti enters and says they don’t have school today as she is doing their photo session to promote company’s dresses. Mandar with Meghna entes and says he does not want to compromise on children’s education and sends them to school. Jyoti says she rented camera for 1000 rs. Mandar says he will take it into company expenses. Khadar bhai scolds Jyoti that she wasted company’s company’s 1000 rs. Jyoti says he wasted company’s money with these dolls. He scolds if she does not have any brain, why he ordered these dolls. Their argument continues. Khadar says he will not work here. Meghna says he can walk away, but inform first why he got these dolls. He says to try new designs on them. Meghna asks if he leaves, how will he teach new designs. He asks to apologize. She does and asks Jyoti to apologize. Jyoti says she will on Mandar and Meghna’s sake. Meghna asks him to teach new designs now. He teaches. After sometime, Jyoti shows new designs’ tutorial online to Meghna. Khadar Bhai shouts if they will work from internet, he will leave job right now. Meghna blasts him out royally that she respects his experience, so she does not say anything, but nobody can tolerate his arrogance, she needs both his experience and technology to run her business. Khadar Bhai gets afraid and asks Mandar where did he get this lady, she is more short tempered than him.

Amar goes to Mota pappa’s room with Dr. Shroff to treat him. Mota pappa gets angry and his BP raises. Dr. Shroff asks him to go out. Amar walks out sadly with Bindu. Dr. Shroff walks to him and he should sort out his differnces with his uncle before treating him.

Precap: Amar pleads Mota mamma to explain Mota pappa that Bindu was just trying to help him, he could not tolerate seeing her crying yesterday. Mota pappa gets emotional hearing that. Kangana tries to enter Mota pappa’s room, but Bindu stops her. Kangana argues with her.

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