Ladies Special 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Relationships Take a New Turn Written Episode

Ladies Special 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mota Pappa asks Moti Mamma why did Bindu enter his hospital room. Moti Mamma says Bindu is worried for him and did not even sleep whole night or even had food, she is just crying and praying god for his speedy recovery; even Amar left his job as HOD and joined this hospital as Dr. Shroff’s junior just to serve Mota pappa. Mota pappa says he does not need their service after that they hurt his feelings; he can understand Amar’s betrayal, but he considerd Bindu more than his daughter and did not expect to betray him. Amar hears their conversation and feels sad.

Meghna selects many sample dress designs from internet and tells Jyoti they will upload their samples on internet and promote their company. Mandar says she can prepare more dresses once they get paid for their 1500 dress and he plans budget. She says uploading samples is very important and explains him process.

Prarthana says sorry to Viraj. Viraj asks if he is hearing right. She says sorry again and tells Puneeth explained her mistake to her. Viraj says Puneeth did good job and asks now she is not considered as horrific, arrogant, boring and will be considered as cute. She says what. He says she is so pretty. Prarthana shyingly asks not to lie. He says he is telling truth and says today her pappa has gone for song audition and will be selected for sure, so if they can go on a dinner date. Prarthana says she will think and reply later.

Bindu calls Prarthana and cries that Mota pappa is not speaking to her. Prarthana consoles her and then calling Meghna informs Bindu’s ordeal. Meghna says Mota pappa is insensitive and forgot Bindu’s service, but all this problem is because of that girl/Kangana who emotionally blackmailed Bindu and made her sign papers, she knew about Bindu’s problem from before, but did not want to tell Prarthana as Bindu has to solve her problem herself. Prarthana reminisces supporting Kangana in her heinous plan unknowingly and feels guilty. Mandar on the other side suggests Meghna not to interfere in other’s lives. Meghna says they are her best friends and it is her duty to support them. Prarthana informs whole ordeal to Viraj and sees his suggestion. Even he says she should leave it on Bindu. Prarthana says she is ready to have coffee with him. He gets happy, calls Kishan at railway station and asks him suggestion to propose Prarthana. Kishan asks him to kneel down and propose with ring. Everyone look at them. Kishan does not like his idea. Everyone start their suggestion. Kishan says his idea is best.

Precap: Amar requests Moti Mamma to explain Mota Pappa that Bindu was just helping him, he could not see her crying today. Kangana tries to enter Mota pappa’s room, but Bindu stops her.

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