Ladies Special 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu Confronts Kangana Written Episode

Ladies Special 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kangana calls Amar and when he does not pick call thinks nobody can stop her from meeting Amar and she can meet him anytime. She walks into hospital and tries to get into Mota pappa’s room when Bindu stops her and asks why did she come here, if she did not go home yet. Kangana says she was preparing presentation for Amar. Bindu says she would have mailed presentation instead of coming here. Kangana says she came to meet Amar. Bindu says she scan meet him out and not here as Mota pappa and mamma will panic if they see her. She says she loves Amar and is worried for him. Bindu asks if she loves Amar, then she should not have tried to suicide; Amar loves her a lot, but she tried to use emotional blackmail. She continues confronting Kangana that she got so insecure and took extreme step, so she had to come to her house and showing signed divorce papers assure her that she will go away from Amar’s life, but Kangana’s insecurity continued. She continues that once Mota pappa’s condition stabilizes, she will try to insist Mota pappa and mamma to accept Kangana as bahu, but till then Kangana should stay away from Amar’s family and she can leave now. Kangana walks away angrily. Amar hears their conversation standing at a distance.

Meghna asks Jyoti to find out company CEO’s salary via internet as she needs to pay salaries soon. Jyoti checks and says it is in crores. Meghna asks what about small company like her. Jyoti says it is not written. Meghna asks how much salary Jyoti is expecting. Jyoti says she does not know. Meghna insists.

Prarthana sings song reminscing her father teaching it to her in childhood, father giving iterview and not getting selected, then getting drunk heavily, etc. She hopes her father gets selected. Viraj enters and taunts her. Kangana returns home and gets angry reminiscing Bindu’s words.

Amar walks into Mota pappa’s room. Mota pappa angrily asks why did he come here. Amar says he wants to speak to him a lot, but before that he will give an injection to calm him down as a good doctor treats patient’s mind before treating patient’s heart. He explains his whole story from Kangana dumping him, Mota Pappa getting him married to Bindu, Kangana wanting to returning in his life, him informing Bindu that he loves Kangana and can be only Bindu’s friend, Bindu instead of getting angry promising to stay at his house until she reunites him with Kangana, etc. He says Kangana would have end this story at once by informing truth to Mota pappa, but she did not and fulfilled promise made to Amar; he broke his promise as Kangana tried to suicide; Bindu got afraid knowing that and signed divorce papers, she continued smiling even then, but today she was crying for Mota pappa and he could not see that; Mota pappa must be thinking why don’t he accept Bindu if she is so good, truth is Kangana taught him dreaming and he will love Kangana forever. He continues that he may be Bindu’s husband, but Bindu loves Mota pappa and mamma more than anyone else, so he should forgive Bindu. He cries holding Mota pappa’s hand. Mota pappa looks at Mota mamma who nods to forgive Bindu.

Precap: Mota pappa tells Bindu that she followed her friendship, but she misunderstood her. Prarthana and Puneeth get worried for their father. Father returns home heavily inebriated.

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