Ladies Special 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bomb in Meghna’s Sample Dress Box? Written Episode

Ladies Special 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna continues trekking with clients when police enters and orders to hands up as they found a suspicious box. Meghna says it is her box. Inspector says she is terrorist then and has bomb in box. Client says he does not want to do business with terrorist. Bindu reaches Meghna’s house and tells Baba that Amar transferred money into her account and she wants to lend it to Meghna for her business. Baba says it is a good news and asks Jyoti to speak to Bindu. Mota pappa calls Bindu and informs that police found a bomb box near Meghna’s house. Viraj with Prarthana reaches police station to identify thieves and sees Puneeth behind bars. Prarthana asks what did her brother do, get him out. Constable says he is a terrorist and has planted bomb on railway track. Viraj threatens thieves and asks whaat is the issue. Thieves reveal they exchanged their looted goods box with a lady’s box. Puneeth informs Prarthana that he saw Meghna’s company Sapna Garments’ box on railway track and identified it, police heard thought it is h is box and arrested him without listening to him.

Amar is busy checking patients when wardboy informs him that Kangana madam is calling him. He meets Kangana who insists to take her home. Amar asks then why did she come to hospital. On the other side, Meghna tells inspector that her box has dress samples. Bindu calls her and informs her company’s box is found on railway track. Bomb squad checks Meghna’s box and finds jewelry, luxury watch, shoes, wallet, etc., in it. Inspector tells Meghna that she stole these items and is under arrest. Meghna requests him to show news video. He shows. She identifies her Swapna Garments box and says it is her box. In police station, thieves inform Viraj that all his items and rest of their stolen items were in that box. Constable opens Swapna garments box and finds dress samples in it. Inspector asks Jyoti to call her owner to take this box. Prarthana calls Meghna and informs that her box is in police station and she needs to come here to take it. Meghna says client has to catch flight soon, so if Prarthana can bring it here. Prarthana says inspector is asking to come here for formalities. Meghna insists inspector and takes him to police station. She identifies her box and Viraj/Prarthana finds their goods in other box.

Kangana’s puppet peon delivers Bindu’s signed divorce papers to Mota pappa lying that Amar left important papers in his cabin, so he came to return it. Mota pappa asks him to have tea. He says he has to go and inform Madam. Mota pappa asks what. He says nothing and insisting to read papers carefully walks out and informs Kangana. Mota pappa is shocked to see divorce papers with Bindu’s signatures on them.

Precap: Music company owner calls Prarthana and requests to record a song for them. Mota pappa calls Amar and says his peon delivered Bindu’s signed divorce papers. Bindu stands freeze seeing papers in Mota pappa’s hands.

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