Ladies Special 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie To Sell Her Scooty? Written Episode

Ladies Special 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

After finishing interview, Babita walks out. Mini nervously asks how was the interview. Babita says she got nervous and did not know what to speak, but she speak, she needs this job at any cost. Minnie assures her not to worry, she will get this job. On the other side, Meeta walks to Ashok and asks why he is not speaking to her well recently. Ashok yells that she will throw her moral gyaan and says he is thinking of starting taxi business and needs capital, so he wants Paapaji’s signatures on papers to mortgage house and start business. Meeta asks how can he. He shouts that was their plan before coming here, why is she getting too emotional for his parents. Biji calls if someone will help her in satyanarayan pooja. Meeta says she is coming. Ashok says what is going on, anyways she can go as business is men’s job. Meeta goes to help Biji. Biji says it is strenuous work and if Meeta and do it. Meeta says she will try. Biii says there is no time to try as pooja will start in some time, so she can do easiest job by preparing garland. Meeta tries and says she wants to learn and she knows Biji must have taught Minnie, Lovely, and Babita. Biji teaches her, and she thanks Bijij. Ashok asks Biji where is Papaji. Biji says he is not at home. He asks her to give papers to Papaji and asks him to sign them after reading. Meeta pricks her finger with needle and writhes in pain. Biji asks if she cannot, she can say. Meeta says she can.

Interviewer comes out and addresses interviewees that they selected candidates on the basis of honesty and wish to learn, so they have selected 2 candidates. She takes 2 names. Babita gets disappointed not hearing her name. Interviewer walks to her and says they did not select her as she is not experienced. Mini confronts her. Interviewer says Babita is a divorcee and has family’s responsibility, she may not be able to concentrate on job well. They both return home. Minnie fumes in front of Nayeem bi that world is not fair. Babita asks her to relax.
Minnie say she is going to file her application at employment exchange. Babita asks her to get scooter on the way and even withdraw money from ATM. Minnie walks away thinking there is no money in account at all. Nayeem bi asks Babita why is her phone switched off. Babita switches on phone and gets series of message and finds bank’s message that due to insufficient balance, they are deducting 1300 rs. She gets tensed that Minnie will find out they don’t have money.

Minnie goes to mechanic to pick up her scooty who asks 2000 rs extra. She argues with him that he is looting. Mechanic says he is asking spare parts money and not his labor. She says she does not have that much money. He suggests her to sell her scooty then as she must be not having even petrol money. Minnie reminisces Dadaji gifting her scooty from his provident fund money and Babtia giving her petrol money, etc., and asks howmuch he can offer.

Precap: Minnie gives 2000 rs to Babita. Babita says bank had less money, how did she get 2000 then.

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