Ladies Special 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Prarthana Gets Bappi Lahiri’s Call Written Episode

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Meghna returns home and happily shows her bought second hand laptop to Baba. Mandar enters and angrily asks if she really listens to him or not. He continues his disconsent when Jyoti informs that Khadar Bhai fell down and his condition is critical. Mandar rushes to factory and seeing Khadar bhai having epilepsy says they need to take him to hospital. Meghna calls Bindu and seeks her help. Bindu speaks to Amar and asks Meghna to take Khadar bhai to Amar’s hospital. Amar in hospital informs wardboy to inform neurologist that his wife’s friend Meghna is bring an epilepsy patient. He then sees Kangana there and asks what is she doing here. Meghna enters with Mandar and Khadhar bhai and is shocked to see Amar with Kangana. Amar takes Khadar with him.

Prarthana feels sad after her audition is rejected. Viraj says now she knows how rejection feels. Prarthana says his encouraging words don’t work in real life. At Bappi da’s studio, his assistants panic thinking how to find Bappi da’s selected girl. They show Prarthana’s photo to record technician who identifies her and says girl was just here and went away after they canceled audition. Assistant calls Prarthana and requests to come back for audition. She angrily verbally blasts him. Bappi da speaks and says he heard her song and wants to sign her for his new album, so if she can come to his studio for audition. She gets very happy and informs Viraj. Viraj also gets happy. Prarthana reaches Bappi daa who greets her and says he wants her to sing for him.

Physiotherapist Bheem does physiotherapy on Mota pappa. Mota pappa bribes him help him make Bindu and Amar realize their love. Bheem agrees. Bindu reaches hospital to meet Meghna when she sees Kangana. Kangana says her friend went with Amar who took patient in. Bindu apologizes for being rude to her the other day. Kangana says its okay and says she joined here as pediatrician to be near Amar, if Bindu has any problem. Bindu says no problem at all and meets Meghna and Amar. They say Aamr is with other doctor treating Khadar bhai. Bindu says it is good then, Amar will treat patient well. Amar comes out and says patient is fine now. Meghna asks if she can have some tea with Bindu. Amar says okay. Mandar says he will stay here to meet Khadar bhai’s son.

Precap: Prarthana over phone informs Meghna that Bappi da is coming to her house. Meghna excitedly informs Bindu and asks if she will also come to meet Bappi da.

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