Ladies Special 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bappi Da Visits Prarthana’s House Written Episode

Ladies Special 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna gets nervous hearing door bell and think Bappi da/Bappi Lahiri came. Meghna, Mandar, and Bindu enter with sweets. Rachna says good they came with sweets, she had sent Puneeth to get sweets for Bappi da. They enter excitedly. Rachna says Prarthana’s papa has not returned home yet and Prarthana can bring Bappi da anytime. Prarthana enters and asks if papa did not return yet. They hear people chanting Bappi da’s name. Bappi da reaches door. Prarthana greets him and introduces him to her mother and best friends. Meghna excitedly speaks to him. Mandar requests him to come and sit. Racha goes to get sweets and tea and says her pappa would be very excited to see his idol at home, but don’t know where he is.

Viraj searches Prarthana’s father in his usual bar and does not find him. Puneeth also reaches there and they both search him unsuccessfully. Viraj then asks if uncle is having Prarthana’s company phone. Puneeth says yes. Viraj hacks company website and finds out uncle’s location via GPS. He gets into his car and asks Kishan to drive fast. Kishan says he cannot fly car. Daas babu calls and says there are many complaints against him, why did he hack company’s website, what if his papa comes to know. Viraj emotionally blackmails him as usual. Uncle is in temple pleading god to forgive him for his mistakes, he blamed Prarthana for his failures and he is a failure always and cannot take it anymore.

Prarthana and her team chat with Bappi da. People wait outside door. Viraj walks in pushing people aside. Prarthana introduces him to Bappi da. Everyone ask Bappi da regarding his songs and moments with other stars. Viraj brings Prarthana’s father enters and he is surprised to see Bappi da. Bappi da says whenever music is, he is there. He asks him to sing a song. Father sings Bappi Da’s song Aana Jaana Laga Rahta hai…song.. He then asks Prarthana to sing a song. Even she sings Bappi da’s song. Bappi da offers them both a project each. Bindu misses Amar there. Meghna requests Bappi da for live song.. Bappi da sings his famous Yaar Bina Chain Kahan re…song… and entertains everyone.

Khadar bhai’s son threatens Meghna and Mandar. Moti mamma tells Bindu that she also wants Mota pappa to get well soon, but does not want Bindu to leave their house.

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