Ladies Special 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Prarthana Gets Call From Music Company Written Episode

Ladies Special 4th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mota Pappa stands shocked seeing Bindu’s signatures on divorce papers. Mota mamma asks what happened to him, if he is alright. Mota pappa says Bindu wants divorce from Amar. Mota mamma is also shocked hearing that. At police station, inspector asks Meghna to sign file and take her parcel. She does same and calling Babu Bhai says she will reach airport to show sample to client. Babu Bhai says client must have left by now, it is of no use. Meghna sadly tells Mandar that all their effort went in vain as client left already. Meghna says whatever happens is for good and tells her childhood running race story. Prarthana gets music company owner’s call requesting to record a song for his company, but she blasts him verbally. Meghna and Bindu praise her that he became overnight celebrity. Prarthana says she knows someone is playing prank on her. Meghna then says she has to return Viraj’s money. Prarthana says she can whenever she has money. Bindu says Amar offered to help her monetarily.

Mota mamma tells Mota pappa that Kangnana must have come to know about Kangna, so helplessly she decided to divorce Amar. Mota pappa says Bindu is tensed since a few days and peon who gave divorce papers told Amar is not in hospital then. He picks phone. Mota mamma asks him not to call Bindu. He says when his own coin is fake, whom to blame, he cannot face Bindu, so he is calling Amar. He calls Amar and asks where is he. Amar says in hospital. Mota pappa asks to stop lying and agree that he is at Kangana’s house, Bindu came to know about it, so she sent divorce papers. Amar gets nervous hearing that and says he will request Bindu. Mota pappa says his peon dropped divorce papers and asks Amar to return home immediately. Bindu enters and calls Mota pappa.

Meghna tells Mandar how will they pay Viraj’s money. Mandar says he will make agreements. Babu bhai calls Meghna and says she has good fate that client’s flight got cancelled due to bomb news, now she can show her sample dresses to client. At Prarthana’s house, Viraj wears his blazer and shows and says he is happy to get his things back and have 2 phones now. Prarthana gifts her new mobile to her papa while Viraj gifts his mobile to mamma, but she does not accept mobile, so he gifts it to Puneeth. He then checks Prarthana’s call log and says famous music company Taal had called her. Papa gets excited hearing that. Prarthana says she thought it is a prank call. At Bindu’s house, she asks Mota pappa not to call Amar here as Kangana needs him. Mota pappa is amused to hear that and asks if she knows Kangana. Bindu takes phone and asks Amar to be with Kanganna.

Precap: Mota pappa confronts Bindu that even she lied him and lost right to speak now. Bindu packs her bags and tells Amar it is time to go now. Amar says nobody wants to listen to him.

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