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Ladies Special 4th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Moti mamma asks Bindu if she will leave them after Mota pappa gets well. Bindu says she is Amar’s friend and has to follow her promise. Mandar’s anger on Meghna continues. Jyoti asks if their fight is still going on. Meghna says yes, once she gets 1000 likes on her sample dress page, she will show him that she spent money for this. Jyoti says she heard Khadar Bhai’s son created issues and sought compensation. Meghna says yes, she paid him money and Mandar got angry for that. At home, her children ask Baba if Khadar bhai can hear in coma. He asks why they are asking. They says they will disappear if they reveal, they just want to know yes or no.

Prarthana’s father sees Puneeth ready early morning and asks if he is going somewhere. Prarthana says it is his big day today and they will drop papa to Bappi da’s recording studio and go to their job. Father thanks Prarthana for supporting him always.

Bindu reaches local train station to deliver mehandi cones to her client when she sees an injured man writhing in pain after falling from train. She helps him reach hospital and even pays for his treatment. Man calls her name and says he knows she is Dr. Amar Desai’s wife, he works in Amar’s old hospital and confesses that he gave envelope to Mota pappa on Kangana’s order, but did not know what was in envelope until he heard about Mota pappa getting heart attack, he feels very guilt for that. Bindu gets angry hearing that.

Baba asks Mandar’s children to reveal what they saw, he promises they will not disappear. They reveal how they hypnotized Khadar bhai on a magician’s advice and made him get epilepsy. Meghna realizes it must be Khadar bhai’s son and plans to expose him.

Bindu angrily walks towards Amar’s hospital to confront Kangana. Amar is busy studying when Kangana confronts him that he is ignoring her. He says she is disturbing him during his job hours, he has promised to open city’s first heart transplant unit in this hospital, but Kangana is not letting him do his job. Kangana continues her emotional drama. Bindu hears their conversation.

Precap: Khadar Bhai apologizes Meghna on her son’s behalf and requests not to suspend him from job. Bindu tells Meghna that Amar and Kangana truly love each other and got separated due to circumstances and she has to reunite them.

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