Ladies Special 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Mota Pappa Confronts Amar Written Episode

Ladies Special 5th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jyoti gets emotional with Meghna and says she wants their business to flourish. Meghna says they will succeed. At Bindu’s house, Mota pappa confronts Bindu that she knew about Kangana on marriage night itself, but she and Amar lied him and kept him in dark. He reminisces all the incidents where Bindu and Amar lied about Kangana. Bindu says she wanted to unite Amar and Kangana and leave this house after divorcing Amar. Mota pappa continues venting out his anger and says Amar proved that his son would not have done this to him and he considered Bindu as his daughter, but even she betrayed him. Amar tells Kangana that he will go home now as Mota pappa came to know that he is here. Kangana says good it happened today as Amar also wanted to inform mota pappa about them soon, let Bindu handle situation there and he stay here. Amar returns home. Mota pappa walks to his room angrily. Amar walks to Mota mummy and says he will explain Mota pappa. Mota mamma slaps him and says he shattered their believes on him, they don’t need his or Bindu’s explanation now.

Prarthana’s father tells her that she should not have rejected Taal music company’s call, it is a big company and very few get a chance to work with them, so she should call back and apologize. Viraj says she should show some attitude, then she will get lots of offer, he will get her best offer and soon her dream of own house and peaceful life will be fulfilled. After sometime, Puneeth is busy playing game on Viraj’s gifted mobile when Rachna asks what did Viraj mean about own house and peaceful. Puneeth says he has usual dreams like them. Rachna continues thinking and says Prarthana should think of marriage now.

Amar asks Bindu to speak to Mota pappa and convince him. Bindu says he has to speak to Mota pappa alone as she is leaving this house tomorrow. Next morning, Amar sees Mota mamma sleeping on sofa and wakes her up. Mota angrily walks away ignoring him. He then sees Mota pappa’s room still closed and walks into Bindu’s room and sees her packing her bags, asks what is she doing, Mota pappa has not opened door till now and Mota mama was sleeping on sofa. Bindu sayus it is time to leave this house and his life.

Precap: Kangaana tells Amar that before situation worsens because of her, it is better she leaves this house. Mota pappa gets heart attack.

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