Ladies Special 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu’s Ignores Kangana’s Mistakes Written Episode

Ladies Special 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana describes her problem to Viraaj that she is nervous about her father’s recording. Viraaj suggests her to relax and let her father record song peacefully. Kishan calls Viraaj repeatedly. He goes out and asks why is he calling repeatedly. Kishan asks if he proposed Prarthana yet, he should not until planets are in his favor. Viraaj says though planet are not in his favor, he will propose Prarthana today somehow. Rachana at home boasts about Bappi da offering singing contract to Prarthana and her father and hopes Puneeth also settles in his life soon. Puneeth feels bad hearing that. Prarthana continues walking in her cabin nervously. Viraaj enjoys situation. She gets call and thinking her father called asks how was his audition. Dhariwal speaks and says tomorrow is her song recording. She says okay and disconnects call arrogantly. He calls back and asks if she does not want to know where recording is. She says speak. He tells half address and she disconnects again arrogantly. He calls her back. Viraaj picks call and says he is Prarthana’s personal assistant and Dhariwal can explain him details. Dhariwal gets nervous hearing Viraaj’s voice.

Meghna and Mandar with their children head towards hospital to meet Khadar bhai. They reach hospital and see Bindu there. Meghna asks her if she came to meet Dr. Amar and asks to accompany her first. Kids see Khadar bhai’s son Aman and identify him as the magician who asked them to throw torch light on Khadar bhai and hypnotize him and warned not to reveal it to anyone, else they will disappear. Aman runs. They run behind him. Amar with others catch him. Meghna reveals Aman’s sin and shows torch to Amar. Amar says this torch light is very powerful and can induce photosensitive epileptic fit. Aman alleges Meghna instead for alleging him wrongly. Khadar Bhai walks to them and trashes Aman for trying to kill him to grab money. He apologizes Meghna calling her boss on his son’s behalf and requests not to restricate him from job. Meghna says he is like her family and father and nobody can restricate family, he has to guide them. Khadar bhai gets emotional.

Meghna confronts Bindu and asks why she is letting Kangana again with Amar when she saw how low Kananga stooped to be with Amar. Bindu says Kangana genuinely loves Amar and her suicidal attempt was genuine. Meghna says she is so innocent and says Kangana planned everything and calls Prarthana who reveals that she was guiding Kangana thinking Kangana loves someone else. Meghna asks Bindu not to feel guilty and reminds her of all the incidents happened before Kangana’s suicide attempt. Bindu reveals that Kangnana’s hospital peon revealed that Kangana sent him to give divorce papers to Mota pappa. Meghna says she should inform Amar everything before Kangana harms anyone else get Amar. Prarthana says Meghna is right and tries to convince Bindu that Amar will feel bad if he finds out that Bindu knew it already. Bindu says they both as friends think of her happiness, but her happiness is in Amar’s happiness, so she will not reveal it to Amar. Meghna asks why. Bindu says Amar loves Kangana a lot and if they had married before, this situation would not have occurred, her Faiba told true love is very powerful.

Precap: Mandar gives his salary to Meghna and says he is same Mandar and will not change. Moti mamma reveals Bindu that Mota pappa does not want to get well as he does not want Bindu to leave.

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