Ladies Special 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Mota Pappa Gets Heart Attack Written Episode

Ladies Special 6th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar sees Bindu packing her bags and asks how can she go. Bindu says there is no excuse left. Amar says he cannot handle Mota pappa and mamma alone. Bindu says he has to tell truth that they were afraid and did not have courage to tell truth, Mota pappa loves him and will forgive him. She walks away holding her bag. Mota mamma notices her silently. Bindu then walks outside Mota pappa’s room and touching ground says it is time for her to leave, she knows he is angry on her that he will not even open door; she is breaking promise and he does not have to see a lair’s face again. She greets him Jai Sri Krishna, then walks to Mota mamma and taking her blessings walks towards door. Mota pappa comes out of room and stops her.

Prarthana’s mother Rachna gives her breakfast and asks her to finish it and go to office. Father enters and asks if news of her viral video will be printed in news paper. Prarthana says, it is just overnight sensation and will be unnoticed in a few days. Taal music company owner calls her again and requests to record a song for them. Her father insists her to accept offer. She says she will think and call him later. Owner requests not to sign contract with any other company, he will give best offer. Viraj enters and says she is right, let 2-3 other companies call her, they will choose best offer. Rachna asks if he will help Prarthana. He says yes. Once he and Prarthana reach office, he calls Das babu and informing about Prarthana’s signing viral video and music company’s offer asks him to inform their music company manager to give her offer. Das agrees. Manager calls Prarthana and gives her offer.

Meghna with Mandar and Babu bhai meets client in a restaurant and shows sample dress. Client says he already decided to give her order seeing her loyalty and insists her and Mandar to drink whiskey to celebrate. Mandar gulps 2 glasses whiskey. They both walk out of restaurant, and inebriated Mandar gets romantic.

Mota pappa walks to Bindu and tells he promised her father during wedding that he will take care of her happiness, so where is her happiness. Bindu says her happiness is in Amar’s happiness. Mota pappa asks Amar to sign divorce papers, he will accept Kangana as bahu. Amar takes papers. Mota pappa gets heart attack and falls down. Family rushes to him.

Precap: Mota pappa gets heart attack and is rushed to hospital.

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