Ladies Special 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu Confronts Mota Pappa Written Episode

Ladies Special 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu angrily walks to Mota pappa who requests to help him sit on chair properly. She does and stands angrily. Mota pappa asks if she is angry on Amar or someone. Bindu confronts and asks what will he do if he knows someone hurt her feelings. He asks who, then realizes she is angry on him and continues reasoning. She says he cheated on her and does not want to get well fearing she will leave his house. Mota pappa asks if Moti mamma told her this. Moti mamma walks to him and says she cannot hide with Bindu’s for long. Bindu says why they think, she will leave them alone, if they cheat, she will go with bad memories, she cannot break promise made to Amar, so she will not go before playing bluff with Mota pappa. Mota pappa says she will go either ways. She says they will create a memory before she goes. Mota pappa says he does not want to and knows she and Amar love each other, he can see that. She says he is mistaken. He says her friendship is love actually and when Amar was speaking about Kangana, it was just friendship and Amar loves only Bindu, he is dumb, but Bindu is intelligent and can understand; he will not get his treatment until she and Amar unite and will pray god to unite them, let us see if god will listen to him or her. Mota mamma runs to her room crying. Bindu reminisces Mota pappa’s words and starts thinking.

Viraj and Puneeth take Prarthana’s father home. Prarthana says she was worried for him, knows his recording must not have happened and he will blame her again, but she does not want to be blamed and runs in crying. Father says his slipper broke, she came home late, he is not blaming anyone and walks towards Prarthana’s room to console her. He knows her door and says her father is standing out and not a drunkard. She opens door. He says her pappa did not drink today and apologizes for the mistakes he made till now, he did not perform his duties till now, but from hereon he will not drink and there will be only happiness at home. He gives her sweet box. She gets very happy seeing that. He shows first song recording 15000 rs cheque. She gets more emotional. He says he always went to liquor shop in sorrows and happiness, even today he went, but remembered her face and walk away to sweet shop; he will keep his family happy hereon. Familhy emotionally hugs him. Viraj watching them thinks he had a chance to propose Prarthana, but cannot interfere between family drama; he is not getting a chance/sanjog. Prarthana walks to him and asks what he means. He says he is talking about his friend Sanjog. She asks if he needs tea. He says he loves tea and even lady preparing tea.

Meghna returns home and tells Baba that she paid everyone’s salary and gave sweets to even diabetics. Baba says even her children want something. Meghna asks what they need. Children request for a new cycle. Meghna reminiscing Mandar’s anger for taking decisions without informing him afraidly walks to him and requests to let her buy cycle for children. Children also insist. Mandar agrees and gets back to work ignoring Meghna.

Precap: Meghna, Bindu, and Prarthana celebrate women’s day by inaugurating new women’s special train and partying in it.

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