Ladies Special 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Viraj’s Growing Affection For Prarthana Written Episode

Ladies Special 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mota pappa is shifted to room. Bindu and Mota mummy sit around him. Bindu says Amar wants to meet Mota pappa and is very worried about him, so he is thinking of leaving his job and be near Mota pappa. Kananga calls Aamr and asks why he wants to leave job. Amar says Mota pappa got heart attack and he needs to be near Mota pappa, so he wants to leave job. Kanganga gets worried that Mota pappa got heart attack due to divorce papers. Amar asks her not to blame herself and take care of herself and ask her father to accept his resignation. She says okay and feels guilty for Mota pappa’s condition because of her.

Viraj asks Prarthana if she loves her pappa so much that she recommended her pappa to music company even after knowing she will be rejected. Prarthana says she is not a professional singe and got singing inherited by her father. She continues how her father struggled without any avenues when new generation half talented than his father get to sign so easily. Viraj asks if she likes emeralds or diamonds. She says diamonds on platinum frames as it is costlier than gold. He gazes her face while she continues laughing. On the other side, Puneeth reaches home and tells Rachna he will just relax whole day today. She informs that Meghna had come and gave 2 lakhs to return to Prarthana and Viraj, she was confused whose money it must be. Puneeth reminisces Prarthana telling she took help from Viraj and says it must be Viraj’s. Prarthana and Viraj enter home. Rachna asks whose money it is. Prarthana says Viraj. Viraj nervously says yes and asks her to prepare tea for him as he is tired running around music companies with Prarthana. Rachna excitedly asks what happened. Prarthana says it will take time. Rachna sadly goes to kitchen. Viraj taunts her why did she lie that it is his money when truth is it is her savings. She says half truth is not a lie.

At Meghna’s factory, Khadar bhai gives lists of items and machines needed. Jyoti says they are too expensive. Khadar bhai scolds that it is one time investment and cheap machines will trouble a lot. Meghna tells Mandar that there is still confusion if it was Prarthana or Viraj’s money. Mandar says looks like Viraj loves Prarthana and even she likes him. Meghna reminisces railway platform incident and says he is right, hopes Prarthana expresses her love and not hide it like Bindu.

Amar tells Bindu that he resigned from previous job and fixed interview with this hospital’s dean to join this hospital to be around Mota pappa. Bindu says he did right and tells about showing her signatures on divorce papers and leaving papers in Amar’s desk. Amar asks why did not she inform him and reminisces Bindu lying that she is going to meet her friend and he can be with Mota pappa till he returns.

Precap: Bindu informs Mota mamma that Amar is joining this hospital to serve Mota pappa. Mota mamma says they don’t need her or Aamr’s help.

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