Love hurts…!? – A Twinj story. – part-2 Written Episode

2- Feelings.



“Twinj Architect.”

“means Kunj Sarna’s company. ”

“my crush!”

Ashley mumbled not believing her ears. It means she gonna do her internship in her crush company. Wow! All her tedious mood of not attending classes flew away. It’s like something changed in seconds, just the thought of meeting that person again. Everything changed for her in a blink of second. Everything.

“aaaahhhhhhh. ” Ashley screamed out of excitement. All looked at her like she had ran out of a Zoological park and reached their college, even Rinu too. Ashley looked embarrassed. Ashley mumbled a quick sorry and came to a side. Within seconds Rinu followed her.

“what’s wrong with you? Why you shouted like a crazy maniac?” asked Rinu. Instead of answering her,
Ashley just held her by her shoulders and started twirling her around. Rinu looked horrified by Ashley’s sudden action.

“I’m so happy. ” Ashley said while twirling around with Rinu, while Rinu not even enjoying her friend’s horrifying behavior.

“for heaven sake, stop behaving like you lost your senses. I’m feeling dizzy. ” said Rinu in a warning tone. Ashley stopped immediately and  both tripped a little due to momentum but composed themselves in nick time. All looked at them like they are some ghosts.

“sorry. ” Ashley mumbled once again and crowd started to disperse. Another embarrassing moment.

“are you in a mood to embarrass yourself? If you are, then please don’t make me a part of it, as I’m not interested. ” said Rinu while Ashely rolled her eyes.

“will you do me a favour by informing the reason for your weird stupid behaviour of today. As per I know, morning you were least interested in classes and all this stuff then what made you so enthusiastic? ” Rinu asked and this broke an another smile on Ashley’s face.

“I’m happy. ” Ashley said. Rinu gave her a look of ‘will you say something other than this happy thing ‘. Ashley chuckled at her expression.

“I’m going to do my internship in my crush’s company. I mean the great Kunj Sarna’s company. ” Ashley said. Rinu smiled at her friend. She was right back when she thought that they would cross each other’s path again. This is great!

After that incident of finding Kunj Sarna’s details Ashley never tried to meet him. But by knowing that she’ll be doing her internship in her crush company, it made her all enthusiastic. Something inside her felt warm.

“are you listening ?” said Rinu shaking Ashley from her shoulder.

“huh. Sorry, I was zoned out. ”  apologised Ashley.

“I said that we are not working in same company. ” Rinu stated disappointedly. Ashley felt bad. She wanted to do her internship with her friend and they planned about it from long but this stupid rules of college.

“but I’m happy for you. ” Rinu said and Ashley smiled at her, yet Ashley can see disappointment in Rinu’s eyes.

“let’s go to canteen. I’m going to give you a treat for today.” Ashley said and this brought the old Rinu. They both headed towards canteen. Canteen, a best place for every student to forget almost all worries and to enjoy to fullest. Almost most memories are made there and most of students’ life will be spend there by every student.

Both beings’ left happy unknown with the storm that is going to come in future and will change one person’s life.


Ashely had checked herself in mirror for nth time. She is joining ‘Twinj architect’ today for her internship. She want to do her best and she don’t want to loose her first impression as intern. After all first impression is best. She reached down stairs and left after biding bye to her parents.

‘Twinj architect’

Ashely entered inside company and fell in love with that place. She felt glad to do her internship in such an environment. It’s looked classy and friendly. Best place to do work.

Ashley completed all the formalities. She started doing her work which is assigned to her. At the same time her eyes are searching for her crush.

“well interns. ” said manager gaining everyone’s attention.

“I want everything to be done perfectly. I want you all to know that, when it comes to work or learning something, then our boss is so strict. So, if you don’t want to leave this internship in middle then don’t neglect your work. ” manager warned every intern. Manager knows how choosy his boss is about his works. Work always comes first to his boss and can’t tolerate if someone neglects it. For some unknown reason, this company means more to his boss like his life depends on it.

Rest of the day went by Ashley learning new things about work, but she didn’t got to see her boss at least for once. He was busy may be. Also she had made new friends.

Next day like previous day she got ready. Today Ashley went to college, where college representatives asked her to collect signature of respective CEOs’ of companies allocated to them. She left to company with a hope.
Hope of meeting Kunj Sarna.

When Ashley reached company, Kunj’s PA said to meet their boss after lunch.

Now it’s the time to meet him. After gathering courage.

‘hey! Common. He is my boss after all. ‘  she thought. She is feeling little nervous.

Ashley left for her boss cabin. After meeting his PA once again.

Ashley knocked on the door and entered inside after him saying a firm ‘come in ‘. She looked at cabin. It looked beautiful with black and white walls, giving perfect office ambience. And there sat the CEO, on his desk, emerged into some file. Ashley gawked him. He was indeed, so handsome and attractive.

“Excuse me. Miss. ” Kunj said loudly dragging Ashely out of her staring section. She looked at him startled.

“sorry. ” Ashley mumbled.

“Oh shit!  He said something. ”

“where were you lost Miss? I’m calling from past two minutes and you were busy in your dream land. If you are not interested to do or learn anything new, then why did you even joined this internship? ” he spoke harshly and this brought tears into Ashley’s eyes. Till now, no one had spoke to her in this way. After all she was the princess to her parents. But outside world is different. Ashely held back her tears and after swallowing the lump formed she said.

“I’m sorry sir. ” his expressions changed into guilt.

“I came here, just for your signature on my college papers. They asked us to do so. ” Ashley explained him. He looked at her and sighed. After going through papers he signed it. Ashley thanked him and left from there. She thought a lot about how their first meet will be going but not for once she thought that their meet will go like it.

After that incident Ashely’s mood was off.

“How dare he? How can he scold me like that? What was my fault? Stupid arrogant boss.” she cursed and went to her desk to start her work.

Half an hour has passed but, still Ashley was not at all interested. She wants to go from that place. Sadly! She can’t. She sighed.

“maybe a coffee can work. ” she thought. She stood from her place and went to grab a coffee. She went towards elevator and pressed first floor. Before door can close there came the great CEO. He entered inside. He smiled and Ashley returned it, but fake one. He pressed ground floor.

“umm. Your name? ” he asked Ashley . She looked at him.

“Ashlesha Shetty.  Mr.Sarna. ” replied Ashley.

“Miss. Shetty. I’m sorry. I know, I should not had shouted on you. And I’m sorry for it. I just released my anger on you. I know I can’t take my words back, but I can say sorry. Right? ” he said. Ashley looked at him startled. He was such a genuine and down to earth person. This thought made her smile. Who else will be this sweet, especially a CEO. This man is definitely something. She smiled at him, a genuine one. She was wrong before. He is a cool and gentleman in real.

“it’s OK Mr.Sarna. ” Ashley replied formally. Rest of ride went silent but no longer Ashley’s mood is sad. She is happy. She is indeed. Her floor reached and she went for canteen.

From third day, CEO, he himself helped interns to learn new things. He asked them not be too formal and they all kind of became friends. Miracle right? For Ashley it is!

Instead of calling Mr.Sarna, Ashley calls him Kunj and he addresses her as Ashley. Cool! And their friendship is growing. Ashely started to feel like she is falling for him. While learning, they(interns) do lot of fun. They do learn new things, at the same time they also do crack jokes and the CEO, he himself also does. He treats interns like a friend, a genuine relation. Every girl in his company admires him and that makes Ashley little jealous. Common! everyone will, specially when it comes to your crush.

Days are flying by like minutes.
Ashley wished this time to last a little. Now. It’s Ashley’s last week of internship, and she decided to confess her love for him. Yes, she do love him. But, not today. She’ll do it on day after tomorrow, on her birthday. She’ll  surprise him. She hoped him to say yes. She felt like he will.

“God! Just don’t let anything happen wrong.” She prayed.




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