Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 10 Written Episode

Love Me Not Love Me💏– Twinj FF 💑Episode10 🤗

Twinkle pov~

Waking up next to Kunj was the best things ever, feeling his warm body right next to mine felt good. Yawning and siting up I open my eyes slowly turning to face an awake Kunj. He smiles at me and pulls me towards his chest basically I’m topof his body.
“Good morning Angel”. He sayyin his s*xy morning voice.
“Good morning”. I say smiling up to his. I move around, immediately feeling his excitement. I blush and pull away.
“Where are you going?” He yawns turning on his chest exposing his back to me. I pull sheets away and adjust my shirt.
“I’m going to take a shower, hurry up we need to go to work.” I say stretching and walking to the bathroom. ImI right outside the door when imI suddenly stop by the hand on my waist feeling Kunj’s warm chest on my back.
“Let me join you”, I push him away and shake my head rushing in and closing the door.
“Use the other bathroom!” I scream and click the door lock and trun on the shower putting on the right temperature. I take my clothes off and stepin the shower. After washing myself I come out and walk-out the bathroom with my tower around my body.
“You finished”, I gulp as I see Kunj laying on my bed, the sheets already folded. He looks fresh,he took a shower and change into sweatpants and a shirt.
Where did he got those clothes?
I stay still not knowing what I o as Kunj’s eye rake over my body from head to toe.
“I just need to change” I rush into my walk in closet and close the door changing into my purple bra and penties. Putting on my blue shirt with faded white jeans. Blow drying my hear and brushing it my hands. Doing my makeup routine and brushing my teeth. I walk out ready to start working.
“Finished?” I nod putting on my shoes, I trun to Kunj. Checking him out.
“Wait. You are going to work dressed like that?”  He chuckles and shakes his head. “No angel, we are taking our son to the park to get an ice-cream,” I stand still remembering that he already know about Sam. Before  I could say anything the door swings open walking in dress-up Sam jumping up and down.
“Baby, you awake” I say as I pick him up.
Yes mommy! Friend helped!” He screams than Babe walks in staring at all of us.
You guys should go I still need to clean up the mess outside. Sam already ate breakfast thanks Kunj”. I shake my head and smile at Kunj. I pass Sam to Kunj.
You should rest. You aren’t ready to start working, Babe laughs.
“But who is going to take care of Sam?” I think for a minute. Well he goes to school but when he arrives Babe usually take care of him.
Why don’t you guys move with me? I live by myself in a big house. Won’t that be nice Sam? I have a big pool !” Sam’s eyes get big and it will be hard to get out of the one.
“Yesssss!!!!!” Sam screams. I laughs.
Well I’ll send someone to pickup your staff.” And with that Kunj and Sam walkout. I stare wide eyed at the door
“He still loves you and you too” And with that Babe walks out too. I shake my head and follow everyone out the door to Kunj’s car waving at Babe as we get inside the car and drive away with Sam singing in the back ground. I laugh and stare out the window. This is going way too fast. We barely have been here for one and half week and he already knows he has a son! I sigh and relax into the chair. Minutes later I see the green park light up front. I unbuckle myself and walk to Sam’s door. But before I can opro it. I feel Kunj right behind me every inch of my body is touching his bronte.i feel him learning in as his minty breath fans across my neck.
” When you going to elk him, I’m his dad?” I shiver by his closeness turning around facing Kunj with his big smirk. He kisses my neck quickly without me stopping him and opens the door pulling Sam out of his seat. He winks at means carries Sam in his arms. I blush and look away as the memories flood into my mindi shake them away and follow them. After playing in the park and eating ice-creams we head back home. Kunj buckles a sleeping Sam and I get in. Kunj gets in too and Start to drive.
We will tell him tomorrow.if that’s fine with you”. He looks at me for a few seconds and nods. We stay quiet and soon the quiet drifts me to the dreamland. Minutes later I feel someone carrying me. I shiver and ht closer to the warmness. I slowly open my eyes and look up to see kunj face. I move arond wrapping my arms around his neck adjusting to his body I hear the door closing and open I open my eyes again sleepiness fading away as I see a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a mirror on my right.
Wait a minute this is not my house?
I sit up in Kunj’s arms. “Where are we?” I question as I see staircases on the left side of the hall leading up to another level. “In my house”.
I stay quiet admiring his contains the colours black and brownish. He has a black sofa to the left and a TV with a table right in the middle. Right behind the sofa is an opening line the door is missing which leads you to a game room, he leads me to the guest room each one having their own bathroom. Then all the way behind his stairs in the huge kitchen which leads to a big back yard with a big pool in the middle. Haig of the backyard is grass while the other is cement .in the upper leveler four master bedrooms. Brown with white. I stare at them wide eyes.
He is really rich!
After the tour he brings me to the dining room that connects with the kitchen with double doors. He sitsme there and I wait.
“Where is Sam?” I say as I see him grab some bread.
“His in his own room. Sleeping”. I nod looking around the house. “Do you actually live by yourself?” He shakes his head ‘no’ and suddenly anger, jelousy and betrayal are the next thing so I feel.
But why do I feel this. Is not like he will stop his player ways when I was gone. What if he brought one of his toys here. I look around getting out by the table .I move away and Kunj notices. “Is something wrong?” He asks . I shake my head looking away and out the window.
If you are wondering if I ever brought someone . You are wrong . It’s my home. I wouldn’t do that. Anyways I don’t live by myself. Most times maidsor gardeners come  make me dinner or clean the flowers in the backyard after I leave for work .” He places the sandwich in front of me and sits across from me.
“I told Babe to pack your staff and Sam. She lives with us too. But in the Lowell level.”
Wait! I just remember something.
Don’t you live-in the suite at the hotel?” I ask wondering what he is doing here?
Yes I do but they had to fix the water pipe and the electricity.                                          It’s an old hotel so sometimes the heater doesn’t work or the A/c. What’s weird is it only happens to my room…” He trails off biting his sandwich . I nod doing same . After finishing I tell him I’m tired and ask him to close the door as I feel the warmness of the blankets engilfing me.


Yay!!!! Chapter10 sorry guys had some family problems busy in collage, sports and other stuff but now that I’m in written mood or vacation I might update in 2 times in a week I still don’t know but wait and find out 😜


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