Loving again… part 7(twinj ff) Written Episode

Loving again – part 7 (twinj ff)

Two days had passed since he had landed in Dublin and he was unable to sleep, every time he closed his eyes he saw him.

It was so hard to switch off the lights, darkness was making him feel suffocated… he tried making his brain understand he was not alone but every time he closed his eyes he was feeling it back, the same feeling was making him restless.

At home he had this assurance that there were a lot of people around him so he was okay, was away from those thoughts and memories but as he was here the horrible things were back to him.

He wanted to sleep but was ending up with two or three hours of sleep in the morning and it was making him feel more restless.

So today after a lot of thinking and control on his self he thought to have a drink, he recalled once he had tried it with his friends and he had gotten a sound sleep.

It wasn’t going to harm him if he took one glass, perhaps he needed it.



It was around 2:00 when her phone went off and initially she thought it was something else but later she understood it was her phone ringing from so long.

As soon as she reached for it the ringer silenced suggesting a missed call and switching the lights she took a hold on her phone and the screen surprised her.

“5 missed calls from KUNJ.”

And before she could have thought anything the phone ringed again and she silenced it not to break her daughter’s sleep.

Taking the call she said a sleepy Hello to the person on the other side who was calling her at this hour of the night.

“Twinkle, I feel so alone… just keep talking with me. I swear I am not going to do this again.” his manly voice which felt hoarse right now pleaded her.

To her, he sounded alien, why he was behaving that way it was beyond her senses.

“Kunj.. are you okay?” she asked sitting straight in the bed.

“Promise me you are not going to tell Ma or anyone about it first.”

“Kunj..what happened?” and she felt terrified with the situation.

“first Promise na…” he requested.

“okay..I promise but what happened?” she did what he asked.

“it has gone horribly here, I am unable to sleep.” and the words sounded pathetic.

“kunj… what happened I am here with you, tell me.” she tried assuring him.

“i know you are in Malad and I am here in Dublin, you are not with me ..you were never.” he was talking strangely.

“kunj..something happened?” she asked again.

“do you know?” and he waited like a kid so she asks what.

And when she didn’t reply he asked again, “do you know Twinkle?”

“no, tell me what you want to say,” she asked.

“i was so madly in love with you… but when you two got married I made myself understand this was destiny.” he went on.

“Kunj..what happened, are you okay?” she felt restless hearing it.

“i didn’t feel this hot that time, I was okay but here in Dublin it feels so alone, every time I am alone his memories start…I am unable to close my eyes,” he told her about the sleeplessness.

“we shall be fine Kunj..soon everything is going to be alright.” she tried assuring him.

“i was unable to sleep so I went for it…. and the abrupt stop from his side made her suspicious.

“what did you do Kunj?”

“Promise me you are not going to tell anyone?” he asked as if she was going to complain about him to his mother.

“i promise but tell me what happened,” she assured him.

“i drank a whole bottle.” he blurted suddenly.

“what did you say..did you have alcohol?” she was surprised.

“Twinkle, don’t cut the call..just please be with me…I tried so hard to not call anyone but I couldn’t help myself, please be with me.” he pleaded like a lonely soul and she knew she had to be with him.

She tried thinking ways how to tackle it, she had heard Lemons worked in such situation.

“I am here with you but first I want you to do something.” and she opened the search station on her phone.

“hmmm, tell me when this would be better…I feel claustrophobic,” he whispered and suddenly she heard a thud like something fallen off.

“Kunj, Kunj…kunj talk to me, everything will be fine,” she told him a number of times but it seemed no one was on phone.

She called him a few times but no one picked up the call, in that situation she felt bouts of terror and a thousand bad thoughts started coming to her.

He was alone there what if he had fallen or needed some support..how can someone be this reckless.” muttering a few things to him she again called him and this time phone was picked up.

“Twinkle, why did you call me and at this hour…what I am doing on the floor, why the lights are shining this bright.” he was talking some sense and some nonsense.

“Kunj, get up from the floor and do as I say,” she ordered in a strict tone.

“Twinkle, I feel parallel worlds around me…I remember we were talking a few minutes back but then how did I end up on the floor?” he was again terrible.

“Kunj, everything is going to be fine, first tell me if there is someone from your building or apartment who can help you this moment,” she asked patiently.

“yeah… Noah is there, should I call him?” he asked her.

“yes, call him and tell him to talk with me,” she spoke rubbing the back of her daughter who was turning and at this moment Twinkle wasn’t ready for one more person needing her attention.

“stay on the phone please, I am calling Noah.” he told her like a baby who was afraid that she was going to leave him.

“Twinkle , I am feeling so bad… please be with me I feel so alone.” he whispered again.



“it feels awkward Mr. Noah but please be with him this night.” she requested the man she was talking for the first time.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here with him… go to sleep, its already three hours since he had made you awake.” Noah spoke in a caring voice.

“whenever he awakes make him drink the lemon water and do tell me about him.” and she ended the call.

The wall clock showed it was already 5:30 and if she goes to sleep right now it would not be a right decision but at that very moment, her daughter slid to her side in the search of her morning milk session.

And while making her feed when did Twinkle’s eyes droop she didn’t have an idea but she needed a good sleep after such hours.




Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing great.

Little request guys- Never get drunk or try any weed even the bhang mixed in lassi because these things are so dangerous.

I had this once with my friends and afterward, we were not in senses..one was crying for hours, one was saying she was flying and though I was trying to control myself I was feeling very negative, I wanted someone to tell me the exact time when I was going to come back. You are not in your senses, one moment you will feel you are okay and in the next moment, you will feel unwell.

It was such a terrible experience and so please guys never go for it and even if it happens with someone Go and be with them, they are not faking it if you feel like that.

Again please guys don’t do such things and that too when alone…cause you might lose senses without anyone knowing it.

Stay happy and healthy

With love Morusya.

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