Main Bhi Ardhangini 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav saves Vaidehi Written Episode

Main Bhi Ardhangini 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chitra getting shocked seeing Vaidehi. She asks Vaidehi to keep courage and call out Madhav. Vaidehi shouts Madhav. Everyone rushes to her. Madhav sees the snake bite mark and says snake has bitten her, does anyone have a kerchief. He ties the kerchief to her hand. Dadi asks Vaidehi to open her eyes. Madhav sucks the poison out. Pandit comes and looks on. Vaidehi gets conscious. Dadi asks Madhav does he think Chitra will get peace seeing him in danger. He recalls Chitra getting so many doctors for him when he fainted once. She cared for him a lot. Madhav says I m thankful to you all, I have completed my fast, thanks to Vaidehi. Vaidehi recalls seeing Chitra’s soul. Dadi says you have got weak. She says I have seen you when you were getting angry on Madhav, you can’t see anyone’s heart getting hurt, you can’t understand your feelings of love, you love Madhav.

Nilambari thinks how does Vaidehi saved all the time. Shweta comes and shows the idol which turned black. Nilambari says this is a key to ruin Vaidehi. Vaidehi takes care of Dadi. Dadi asks her to do her work properly, since her attention is somewhere else. Vaidehi asks her not to tell about Madhav all the time. She gets upset and says I will remove Madhav from my heart. Dadi asks her to do her work in morning and sleep. Vaidehi thinks of Madhav’s words.

Nilambari comes to tantric and shows the idol. He checks the idol. He says this girl has a good heart, that’s her strength, a spirit is protecting her, a woman’s spirit. Nilambari gets shocked. Madhav looks for food in kitchen. Vaidehi hears sound and comes to him. He says I was feeling hungry. She feeds him the grapes. He bites her finger. She wakes up from this dream and tells the same to Dadi. Nilambari asks who is this spirit, helping Vaidehi. Tantric says you will get all answers, its imp to separate the spirit from Vaidehi. She asks him to hurry up. He says its not easy, the spirit has strong relation with Vaidehi, I will do jaap and give you a strong string to bound that spirit, we have to wait for right time.

Nilambari tells about Tantric’s solution. Shweta injects poison in an apple. She gives the apple to Vaidehi.

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