Main Bhi Ardhangini 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Shweta plans to kill Vaidehi Written Episode

Main Bhi Ardhangini 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi asking Dadi not to joke, she has to become smart and mature like Chitra. She goes to make tea for Madhav. Shweta says Vaidehi is acting smart, I have to get rid of her. Chitra looks on. Shweta says someone is trying to scare me. Sangram comes and asks what happened. She shows her red stained hands. She sees the stain clean. He asks what. She says someone is doing this, Nilambari can answer us now. She goes to Nilambari. Nilambari says its not a joke, some spirit is supporting Vaidehi, whenever we plan against Vaidehi, some spirit helps her. Sangram asks are you sure, I don’t believe this, there can be any other reason.

Nilambari asks why, spirits can be there. Rani says I feel scared. Shweta thinks to kill Vaidehi. Nilambari asks Rani to shut up, tantric has found a solution to separate the spirit from Vaidehi, we have to wait till holi, none will go to Vaidehi. Shweta thinks no, I won’t sit quiet, I will take revenge of my insult. Shweta agrees to her. Madhav misses Chitra and recalls their sweet old moment. He smiles. Nilambari comes to her. He says I told you many times, none can take Chitra’s place, I m not ready. She asks him to give a chance to Shweta. He leaves for office. Chitra says Shweta can never make her place in Madhav’s heart. Nilambari asks who is here, whoever you are, you can’t stay in my haveli for long. She leaves.

Vaidehi says Madhav will come and ask for tea, I will give him tea and talk with love, he will take tea and then I will go to do my work. Madhav comes and asks for tea. She gets tensed. He asks what happened. He asks her to have sugar cubes and goes. Shweta says I can’t wait till holi, if Vaidehi marries Madhav, she will become owner of this haveli. She says I m serious about my dreams, I will fulfill it. Rani says I m more serious than you, I can help you, mum shouldn’t know it. Shweta says don’t worry. She adds the poison in the apple by injection. She says I have to fill poison in Vaidehi’s life. Dadi laughs. Vaidehi says Madhav didn’t drink tea, I couldn’t give him tea on time, how will I become like Chitra. Dadi says yes, you never met her, how will you know about her. Vaidehi says yes, Madhav won’t tell me anything. Chitra looks on and thinks to do something. Shweta comes to Vaidehi.

Vaidehi says I don’t want to make any mistake now, Madhav will get angry. Shweta says I got puja prasad for you, apple, pandit said our wish gets fulfilled if we eat it with true heart, but you are busy, let it be, I will give apple to someone else. Vaidehi says no stop. Shweta gives her apple and asks her to eat it.

Rani tells Nilambari about poisoned apple. Nilambari scolds Shweta. Nilambari and everyone get locked in the car. Chitra troubles them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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