Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra saves Vaidehi Written Episode

Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi keeping the apple and goes to give tiffin to Madhav. She goes to his office. She practices to talk to him. Madhav comes to her and looks on. She behaves weird. He asks her to give him food, he is feeling hungry. Nilambari cuts the apple to eat. Rani stops her and says Shweta has injected the apple with poison and gave it to Vaidehi. Nilambari gets shocked. Madhav gets that apple and asks Vaidehi to leave the food, he will eat the apple. Vaidehi says no, eat the food. She tries to open the food. Nilambari scolds Shweta and asks her to stop Vaidehi and Madhav from eating the apple. They rush. The apple falls down from Madhav’s hand.

Vaidehi takes the apple to eat. He gets the call. She holds the phone for him. Ishq le dooba….plays… He asks Vaidehi to eat the apple. The man comes to inform about emergency. Madhav says work shouldn’t stop, I m coming. He asks Vaidehi to go home. He goes. She says I want to become like Chitra and become foolish. Nilambari and everyone leave and try to reach factory. Chotra sees Vaidehi going to eat the apple. She stops Vaidehi. Nilambari sees Vaidehi and says its good she didn’t eat the apple. Vaidehi goes to wash the dirt from her foot. She keeps the apple aside. Chitra becomes a crow and flies away with the apple. Vaidehi asks crow to return her apple, its prasad. Vaidehi thanks the crow and goes to wash the apple. Nilambari looks on.

Vaidehi goes to eat the apple again. Nilambari says someone stop her. Crow takes the apple again. Vaidehi says maybe it was in your fate, you eat it. Rani says I have seen this for the first time, crow is after an apple. Nilambari says that’s the spirit, that’s saving Vaidehi. Chitra looks on. Chitra stops them on the way and locks the door. They all get worried and cough by the smoke formation inside. Shweta asks Sangram to open the door. Shweta opens the door and falls out. Chitra drops the apple in her mouth. Nilambari and everyone look on. Nilambari throws the apple. Sangram helps Shweta. Chitra burns the apple. They all get shocked.

Dadi and Madhav laugh recalling his childhood days. He says Chitra used to say that my memory isn’t sharp, I forget the special days, so she has made a diary to remind me, I didn’t forget her, Nilambari wants me to marry Shweta. Nilambari comes. He says Dadi reminded me childhood incidents. He goes. Nilambari warns Dadi and asks her to stay as a stranger. Vaidehi tries to follow the tips from a book. Dadi says book won’t help, spend time with Madhav, so that he loves you. Vaidehi says he won’t love me until I become like Chitra. Dadi says you don’t need to become like others, you are innocent, you can’t think bad for others, Madhav has to love this Vaidehi. Chitra says I have a solution for you Vaidehi.

Nilambari sees a bangle and recalls Chitra. Vaidehi asks Madhav to tell about his moments with Chitra. Madhav hits an old lady.

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