Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 11th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar requests Jaya to cancel her wedding as they are made for each other. Jaya asks when he is marrying Shanaya, why he is stopping her from marrying Dhruv then. He reveals he did a drama and is not marrying Shanaya. She cries that he did everything to get her, but did not think what she will feel, she will marry Dhruv for sure as he is a honey man and she cannot break his trust. Samar stands crying and walks away. He meets Shanaya and informs Jaya’s decision. Shanaya cries that she will lose Dhruv for sure. Samar says love is very powerful and they will get back their love for sure, she should just wait and watch.

Jaya’s mehandi ceremony starts. Nimmi Daadi with Dhruv reaches Satya’s house with mehandi and says the more darker mehandi gets, the more Jaya and Dhruv’s bonding will be. Samar enters with police and cries that Shanaya is kidnapped. Dhruv gets concerned and asks if he tried her number. Samar says he tried everything, but did not find her, he is sure that Satya kidnapped her. Jaya yells not to blame mamma without any proof. Samar says he is 100% sure they will find any evidence in sasumaa’s room. Police walks into Satya’s room. Jaya says Samar that he knows mamma cannot do this. Samar says he knows sasuma can go to any extent. Constable finds blood stained mobile. Samar says it is Shanaya’s and asks inspector to arrest and interrogate Satya what did she do with Shanaya. Inspector arrests Satya. Dhruv asks Satya what is all this. Satya says Samar is getting her trap in false case and asks Naani to stop Jaya’s mehandi for any reason. Police takes her away.

Jaya confronts Samar if he trapped mamma in a false case. Samar agrees and says he did it to get Jaya back and can go to any extent to get her back. Dhruv enters and hearing that confronts samar that he betrayed him. Samar confronts that if he thought he can get Jaya with his good acting, he is wrong. Dhruv slaps him repeatedly for befriending him and backstabbing. Jaya stops him.

Precap: Samar meets Satya in police station and says Shanaya will not found until Jaya’s wedding date passes and soon he will get back Jaya. Dhruv and Jaya meet her next, and she tells them to search Shanaya soon.

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