Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhruv Falls For Jaya Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhruv sees Jaya in market and follows her. He just watches her shopping with Satya and smiles. He reaches his office and gives presentation on his new real estate project. His daadi/grandmaa calls and says she will not eat until he reaches home. He rushes towards home, but his car breaks down. He asks driver to keep trying while he takes lift from someone. He stops cars, but in vain. Samar passes on his bike and stops. Dhruv tells him that his car has broke down and he needs to reach home as his daad/grandma is not having food. Samar gives him lift and on the way Dhruv says he shifted to this city with his daadi last month and his daadi is not having food, though Chotu is there to take care of her at home. Samar asks not to worry as he will feed Daadi and is expert in it. They reach Dhruv’s home and see Daadi finishing food and telling Chotu it was very tasty. Dhruv asks why did she call him then. She says she had to finish food to have medicines and called him to insist to get married soon. She sees Samar and asks who is this handsome boy. Dhruv says his friend. Daadi asks Samar to convince his friend to get married as he broke up with this girlfriend in America 1 year ago and still mourning. Dhruv says he found a girl and decided to marry her. Daadi excitedly asks who is she. Dhruv says he saw her in market and has sent his manager to get her details. Daadi says Samar is so lucky for Dhruv, usually Dhruv does not befriend anyone.

Samar takes Dhruv out and asks him whom did he see in market. Dhruv says she was a lovely girl shopping in the market. Manager enters and says that girl stays with her mother. Dhruv asks to get more details about the girl and asks Samar about her girl. Samar says his life is very pretty and lively, he laughs whenever she laughs and cries whenever she cries, but her mother’s interference was too much and took her away, not to worry, he will win her back soon. He asks Dhruv to not worry as he feels Dhruv will find girl’s more details soon. Dhruv says Samar is so lively and finds positivity in everything.

Daadi goes to temple and prays god to get her grandson married to the girl he likes now. Satya also reaches there to pray god. Daadi coughs due to aarti smoke. Satya (who looks much older than daadi) calls her maaji and helps her. Daadi says she is new in this city, but Satya being a stranger spoke to her like a dear one. Satya drops her home. Dhruv gets worried for Daadi and asks what happened to her. Daadi asks him to greet guest in. Dhruv asks Satya to sit and tells her that he saw her in saree shop today. Daadi thinks he fell for Satya and imagines Satya as old bride/budhi dulhan. She asks Dhruv if he fell for this old lady. Dhruv says he is taking about her daughter. Daadi rejoices. Dhruv says Satya that he saw her daughter in market and had love at first sight, so he wants to marry her. Satya says her daughter is married and soon will be divorced. Dhruv says he does not care about her past and will marry her once she is divorced. Satya gets happy that now Samar got his strong competitor.

Precap: Satya introduces Dhruv and his daadi to Jaya and says they came with alliance for her.

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