Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Samar Fails Satya’s Plan Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya asks Dhruv if he feels same even after hearing that Jaya is married and is getting divorced. Dhruv says he does not care about Jaya’s past and wants to be part of her future; if she allows him in her life, he will keep her very happy and will not let her sad in life. Satya says she needs some time, hope he understands. Dhruv says of course, she can take her own time. Daadi thanks her. Satya returns home. Samar offers her to have world’s best tea prepared by him. She says she will have, but he may not have it. Samar prepares tea confused. Chachi calls him and informs income tax officers have and are questioning them rudely. Samar rushes towards home. Satya calls her puppet actor who is acting as IT officer and orders to not let Samar for 2-3 hours. Puppet thanks Satya for giving him acting chance.

Satya calls Dhruv and his daadi come. They enter with flowers and sweets and Daadi says if alliance is fixed, she will feed same sweets. She introduces Naani and Jaya to them and informs Jaya that they have come with alliance for her. Dhruv goes into flashback where he saw Jaya in market and fell for her. Jaya angrily walks in. Daadi asks Naani who is she. Naani angry says nobody cares for her in this house and she is just a commodity here.

Samar reaches home and sees fake officers doing overacting, asks what is happening here. Officer asks him to keep his mouth closed. Lallan tells Samar this officer speaks more like a halwai/confectioner than IT officer. Samar explains his plan. Lallan calls Samar, and Samar tells officer that his friend IT commissioner has called. Officer gets nervous. Lallan shouts how dare they are to raid his friend Gowri Sankar Suranan’s House, he is coming there to teach them a lesson. Officer nervously asks his team to leave this place soon. Lallan stops them and asks where are they going. Officer agrees that he is halwai and came here on Satya’s order who ordered to keep Samar busy for 2-3 hours.

Daadi continues pestering Naani with her questions. Satya walks to Jaya’s room. Jaya angrily asks why did she call another boy, she is not ready for it. Satya uses her emotional blackmailing again and says she will apologize them and tell them it was her mistake to call them. Jaya stops her and says she does not want her mamma to apologize anyone and agrees to meet Dhruv and his grandmother. Samar calls Satya from puppet’s phone. Satya picks and asks if his work is done. Samar says it is her damad speaking and says she wanted to keep him busy for 2-3 hours, so he will come to her house, but is sure Jaya will not accept the boy she got. Satya challenges him. Rama hears Samar’s conversation and asks Chachi to get stick to punish Samar. Samar says he is doing all this to give some space to Jaya and let her realize her mistake and realize her love him. Rama calms down.

Precap: Municipalty officer reaches Satya’s house and says she overtook roadside’s 20 feet into her house. Samar on JCB says he will demolish Satya’s illegal construction on road.

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