Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Samar Runs From Jail Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya panics seeing Satya injured and unconscious on floor and calls Samar. Samar behind bars sees his phone ringing and calls inspector to give him phone. Jaya then calls Shikha who informs Naani and Naani suggests not to pick call as Jaya would emotionally blackmail them. Shanaya reaches police station and informs what happened. Samar gets worried for Sasumaa and requests inspector to let him out for 1 hour as his wife needs him. Inspector says his wife herself threw him behind bars and wants to get rid off him. Samar tricks inspector and locking him in lockup apologizes and runs away.

Samar reaches Jaya’s house and seeing nobody there and blood stains on floor runs to City Hospital where he sees Jaya sitting on a chair. Jaya asks how did he come out of jail. Samar says she remembered him first in distress and that proves she loves him still. Jaya gets emotional, but stops seeing Dhruv. Dhruv enters and is surprised to see Samar there. Police reaches there and arrests Samar. Samar says his wife needs him here. Police drags him away while he asks Jaya not to worry Sasumaa will get well soon, he can do anything for her and even run away from jail many times for her. Jaya cries reminiscing his words. Dhruv asks her why did not she call him while she called everyone else, one calls dear ones in distress and she has not considered him his dear one yet. Doctor comes out and informs that Satya is fine now and she can take her home. Jaya brings Satya home. Satya finds band and remembers Shanaya wearing it. Dhruv returns home and cries that whoever he tries to get closer to always goes away from him, Jaya does not consider him dear one and called Samar instead and Samar broke jail for Jaya. Daadi consoles him.

Inspector takes Samar back to police station and says he will be booked twice for trying to run away from lockup. Samar says tomorrow he will get bail. Satya walks in and says he will go to jail forever and asks inspector to book case on him for trying to kill her with his friend Shanaya’s help, showing Shanaya’s band. Samar says it is not Shanaya’s mistake, he asked her to frighten sasumaa. Jaya enters and hearing that starts her mamma’s baby drama again, cries if she had not taken mamma to hospital at the right time, mamma would have died, how can he. She walks away yelling. Satya taunts Samar that she knew he would take blame on himself, she will send wedding sweets and he can enjoy it in jail.

Next morning, Naani with Shikha returns to Satya’s home and tells her and that she thought Jaya called to emotionally blackmail them, so they did not pick phone. Jaya walks down with her bag. Satya asks where is she going. Jaya says she is going to her sasural.

Precap: Samar’s family gets very happy seeing Jaya and greets her with aarti. Satya brings Samar there. Samar thinks what is Jaya up to.

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