Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Shocker Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar tells Puneeth that his plan was to reunite Richa and Puneeth, don’t know who kidnapped Sasumaa. He sees Naani listening to them and tells her he did not want Sasumaa to be kidnapped, he will tell everything to Jaya. Naani stops him and says he believes her, but can he manage 50 lakhs. Samar returns home with Naani. Dadaji gives him 50 lakhs and says whole family trusts her. Jaya apologizes Rama. Rama asks not to as she is still her bahu and daughter and loves her a lot, she respects Satya even now like before and wants Satya to return home safely.

Samar and Jaya meet goon at given spot with money. Goon says Satya is biggest divorce lawyer in city and ruined many lives, they knew they can grab money via her damad Samar. Samar gives him money bag and asks to free Sasumaa. they push Satya towards highway. Samar and Jaya run behind Satya’s wheelchair while speeding truck heads from opposite direction. Samar pushes Satya away just before truck hits her wheelchair and himself falls down. Goons laugh on Samar that he should have let Satya die as she ruined many people’s lives. Samar angrily shouts how dare they are to insult his mother and trashes them. Goon change their tone and plead not to beat them so much for just 5 lakhs, they did all this drama on his order. Samar warns to not lie. Goon repeat they did this drama on Samar’s order. Samar pleads Jaya not to believe them, but she shouts enough of his drama. Goons say Samar kept Satya in his house for a day. Jaya calls Rama and asks if Satya was at at her house. Rama says yes, but. Jaya disconnects call, stops taxi and gets Satya in. Samar continues pleading to believe her and stands shocked when Satya looks at her and smirks and then acts again as in coma. Jaya takes her away.

Jaya takes Satya home. Samar also reaches behind. Doctor says Satya has deep internal injuries and they should not do anything which will stress her. Samar says he is lying. Richa cries, and Puneeth consoles her that sasumaa will be fine. Richa asks him not to meet her for some days till mamma gets well as mamma does not want them to be together. Jaya also asks him to go away and not meet Richa for some days. Puneeth leaves. Jaya asks Samar also to leave. Samar stands more tensed. Satya smirks at him and then acts again as in coma.

Precap: Jaya throws Samar’s bag and asks him to get out of her house.
Samar says he came to take her home and will not go without her. Jaya shouts this is her house. Samar waits for her drenched under rain.

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