Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Dhruv’s Engagement Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar meets Karthik and Puneeth in a bar and drinks liquor with them. They scold him why did he introduce Dhruv to Jaya and mess up his own life. Samar says he did not know Dhruv loves Jaya. Karthik asks why don’t he inform Dhruv that he loves Jaya and is her husband. Samar says if has do that, why should he have taken so much trouble till now. Dhruv calls Samar and says he needs to talk to him something very important, so if he can come home. Samar agrees. Karthik and Puneeth suggest Samar it is right opportunity to reveal truth to Dhruv. Samar reaches Dhruv’s house. Daadi says she did not expect this from him, she considered him like Dhruv. Dhruv says how can he do this. Samar nervously asks what did he do. Dhruv asks why did he hide the fact that he is Jaya’s childhood friend. Samar relaxes. Daadi says now it is very easy for them and he will go with them tomorrow for Jaya and Dhruv’s engagement from their side. Samar gets sad hearing that. Dhruv takes Samar to his room and asks what Jaya likes and dislikes. Samar says Jaya is a simple girl. Dhruv asks what to gift Jaya tomorrow. Samar says Jaya does not evaluate gift with its price, he can give anything he likes. Dhruv insists. Samar reminisces Jaya liking anklet and says anklet. Samar returns back to Satya’s house. Satya starts her questions as usual.

Next day, Dhruv with Daadi reaches Jaya’s house with gifts for engagement. Samar enters next and greeting Daadi, Naani, and aunty/Satya asks if they will not greet him him. He himself greets him in and asks how can they come without him. Dhruv asks where is Jaya. Satya says she is in her room. Samar says he will accompany Dhruv. He walks into Jaya’s room first. Jaya gets angry and asks why did he come here. He says to meet her. Dhruv enters next, and Jaya smiles. Dhruv gifts her necklace and asks if she liked it. Samar says Jaya does not like precious gifts. Jaya says she liked it seeing Dhruv’s pure intentions. Samar stands sad. She asks Dhruv to help her wear it. Dhruv helps her. Samar stands sadly aside. Dhruv then goes out. Samar asks Jaya not to trouble herself trying to trouble him. Jaya says she is happy that she is getting rid off him and marry Dhruv. Samar asks not to show her feelings for him in front of Dhruv. Jaya says she will not. They turn and get tensed seeing Dhruv standing. Dhruv asks what are they talking for so long and asks to come down for engagement.

Jaya walks down and sits next to Dhruv for engagement. Samar stands sadly aside. Daadi starts rituals and dorning chunri on Jaya says this is suhaag’s chunri and she has to wear it for Dhruv from hereon. She then gives makeup kit and says she has to get ready for Dhruv from hereon. Jaya says Samar is reason behind her and Dhruv’s alliance, so she wants Samar to give this makeup kit. Samar freezes hearing that. Satya grins.

Precap: Rama walks to Satya and says Satya always took decisions, today she will take decision and get Samar remarried.

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