Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Tricks Jaya To Divorce Samar Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar in lockup reminisces Jaya celebrating his birthday, Satya’s allegations and Jaya getting him arrested. At home, Satya plays chess. Naani walks to her and confronts not to play with her children like chess pawns and spoil their lives; she knew Rama was behind veil and provoked Samar and sent him to jail. Satya says Jaya saw everything herself. Naani says her daughters see what she makes them see, she cannot fool her mother. Satya agrees that Samar is innocent. Naani warns to stop playing with her daughters’ lives, else she will be left alone, god is watching her misdeeds. Satya says Jaya will not leave her and she has passed her age of bearing Naani’s scolding.

Satya walks to police station and tells Samar she has made sure that he will be in jail for 10 years, but can come out in 10 minutes if he writes on paper that he wants divorce from Jaya. Samar turns with paper and scribbles. Satya gets happy that her plan worked. Samar turns and throws paper boat on her and says like she acted as him strangulating her, he acted as writing; she can continue her evil plans and he will fail them; within 12 hours, Richa will go with Puneeth. Satya walks away fuming. At Samar’s house, family gets worried for him when he does not pick call. Satya calls Rama and asks her to come out and meet her alone. Rama walks out and seeing her forehead injury asks how did it happen. Satya says Samar did it and tells her side of cooked up story. Rama says she is 100% sure her son will not do that. Satya says Samar is in jail and can come out today itself if she makes Samar write on paper that he does not to stay with Jaya from today itself. Rama says Samar loves Jaya and will not do that. Satya says Jaya does not love Samar now and she will leave Samar anyways after seeing him trying to harm her mother. Rama says let us see.

At home, Jaya cries reminiscing Samar strangulating her mother. Satya walks in and says she is crying here for him and he is sleeping peacefully in jail, now it is up to her whether to divorce Samar or not. Jaya says she does not want to live with a man who tried to kill her mother and will divorce him. Satya says she has to write a letter to court that she does not want any relationship with Samar and gets Samar’s sign on it. Jaya sits to write letter and reminisices Samar and her first meeting, their love story, their concern for each other, Samar trying to harm Satya, etc. Tu jo nazron ke saamne….song…plays in the background. She writes letter and signs.. Samar feels uneasiness in jail.

Precap: Samar sees Jaya and says he was sure she will come to meet him.
She gives him letter and says she cannot stay together from hereon.

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