Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rama Rocks Today Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya tells Daadi that Samar is reason for her and Dhruv’s alliance, so if she can accept makeup kit from Samar’s hands. Daadi says Samar’s childhood friend is so intelligent. Samar gives makeup kit to Jaya while Satya grins and others clap. Karthik feels bad for Samar. Samar walks away from there. Satya feeds sweets to Dhruv. Dhruv asks where is Samar, if he will not feed him sweet. Satya tells Naani that Samar promised to stay till Jaya’s wedding, but he broke his promise. Naani says he will not come. Satya says maa means he will not come today as he does not want to interfere in family function. Samar enters playing drum and says there should be some hangama. Daadi and Dhruv dance and call Jaya to join them. Jaay looks at Samar and joins Dhruv. Main Phir bhi tumko in the background. Satya shouts stop.. and says why he is playing drum so low, increase speed, even bride’s mother will dance. Samar plays drum loudly. Satya dances around him.

Samar walks away sadly. Naina jo sanjhe khwab dekhte the naina…song…plays in the background. Dhruv and his daadi leave Satya’s house. Samar walks on street reminiscing Jaya proposing him, their wedding, karvachauth, etc. Rama walks to him and reminisces going to Satya and pleading her not to separate both children, she will get them a new house and let them stay there without family’s interference, Samar is innocent and thinks situation will change itself. Satya like a true cunning villain says she is helpless and has a lot of work at home as Jaya’s engagement is tomorrow. Out of flashback, she takes Samar to Satya’s house and confronts Satya that she sent her son here to change family’s wrong thinking, but his own thinking changed and he is getting his wife married to someone else and her bahu who blindly follows her mother and is ready to marry someone else. Jaya tries to speak. Rama warns her to shut her mouth, when 2 elders speak, youngsters should not interfere, especially if youngster is dumb. Jaya stands dumbstruck. Rama continues venting out her anger and says she will get Samar remarried on a same day Jaya marries, one bahu will leave house and another will enter. Samar tries to speak. Rama says he loves giving promise, now she will give him promise to obey her. Satya confidently says she can get Samar remarried, her whole family will attend but will not let Jaya married on same day. Rama warns if she does not agree, she will inform Dhruv that Samar is Jaya’s first husband, Dhruv himself will back off. Satya stands shocked and agrees. Rama says she knows both children are misguided by Satya and soon will realize their mistake. She walks away with Samar, leaving Satya in a shock.

Next morning, Samar wakes up hearing Rama’s voice and thinks mom is calling him even in dream. Naani walks to him and says Rama has brought 7-8 girls for his swayamwar.

Precap: Rama asks Samar to come down and select a girl for marriage.
Samar tries to escape, but Jaya shout mummyji/Rama samar is here.

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