Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Samar Signs Divorce Agreement? Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya walks to police station. Samar gets happy seeing her. Jaya requests inspector let her speak to Samar for 2 minutes. Inspector orders constable to open lockup door. Jaya walks in. Samar says he knew she trusts him and would come here. Jaya says the cannot stay together now and she signed divorce agreement, even he should sign. Samar asks if she thinks he would harm sasumaa. Jaya says she saw it and mamma does not lie. He asks if she thinks so. She says yes. He asks to get pen. She gets pen from inspector. He signs paper and returns to her. She walks away without even looking at him once. in the background.

Next morning, Jaya goes to prepare tea for family. Satya asks not to add ginger in tea. Puneeth walks in with his parents. Richa happily greets them. Puneeth tells Satya that her parents denied to transfer their property in Richa’s name. Satya happily says then Richa will not come with him. Puneeth says she should listen totally, they transferred their property in Richa and his would be baby’s name. Satya gets nervous and asks how can this happen. Naani says they did right. Puneeth asks Richa to pack her bags. Satya thinks Samar is behind all this and searches him all over. She walks to market and searches him there, asks shopkeeper if he saw her damaad Samar. Shopkeeper says he did not see Samar since 2 days. She hears Sasuji toone meri kadar na jaani…song..playing in a radio at a shop and angrily breaks radio. Shopkeeper confronts why did she break his radio. She warns she will shut his shop and returns home where she imagines Samar sitting on sofa and yells at him. Naani asks whom she is talking to. Satya reminisces Samar’s challenge that she will feel him around her and he will make Richa leave her house with Puneeth within 12 hours. Richa leaves with Puneeth and his parents.

Satya sees Samar standing near door and thinks she is again imagining him. He throws flying kiss on her and says he came in real now, touches her feet and asks if she will not bless him. Jaya shouts why did he come here after signing divorce agreement. He asks which papers and asks her to check. She sees his sign missing. He says she was engrasped in his eyes, so did not see him tricking her and not signing papers. Satya says she will call inspector and get him arrested again. Samar shows NOC signed by inspector and says even inspector cannot arrest him now. He walks into kitchen smelling tea and adds ginger to it saying he will make their life exciting again. He sits on sofa sipping tea and asks Satya what is her next plan after Jaya’s divorce. Jaya shouts its none of his business. Samar hits a sixer by showing her a mirror that she does not have brain of her own and always obeys her mamma blinding even after being highly educated and counts how she did not want to accept his proposal even after loving him and then accepted on her mother’s order, repeatedly left to her maika on her mother’s order, blindly decided to divorce him on her mother’s order, etc. Jaya sits fuming. Samar asks Satya asks what next. Jaya interferes again. Samar says he does not want to talk to brainless mamma’s girl. Satya says Jaya will divorce him first. Samar asks if she will get Jaya remarried again. Satya says yes.

Precap: Samar signs Mehandi Lagake Rakhna song. Jaya shouts what rubbish.
Samar says her second marriage is fixed. Jaya asks who fixed it. Satya says she fixed it.

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