Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jay’s Intelligent Moves Written Episode

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar walks to Jaya and says he needs to talk something important. She ignores him and says she does not want to talk to him. He says she can listen at least and says Jay Singhania is a bad man. She says even he is a bad man. Samar says he met Jay’s first and describes her warning that Jay loves his wealth and himself, is very arrogant and short tempered, thinks women as his personal property. Jaya says how to trust him. He says she can trust news and showing her Jay’s factory fire accident news says Jay is not good man, he cannot let her marry a bad man. Jay enters knocking door and asks if he came at a wrong time. Satya walks in and says he came at right time and asks to come in. Jay sits and tells Satya that he needs to speak. Samar says it is good to hear that. Jay says actually there was a fire accident at his factory and workers were stuck, so he went to meet workers today; his manager had called yesterday and informed about fire accident, but did not inform about workers being struck, he respects his workers as factory works because of them. Jaya angrily looks at Samar. Samar thinks she should not believe him.

Satya praises Jaya, looking at Samar. Jay gives flowers to Jaya. Satya asks Jaya to bring juice for Jay. Jay requests Satya to send Jaya with him tonight for a party, he will drop her after party safely. Satya looks at Samar and agrees. Samar walks to Jaya and requests not to believe Jay. Jaya walks to Jay and drops juice on his hand, wetting his precious watch. Samar thinks Jaya will get angry now. Jaya says it is okay, Jaya dropped juice by accident. Satya asks him to go and wash his hands. Jay keeps his previous watch on table and walks into washroom. Samar requests Jaya drop Jaya’s previous 4-5 lakhs worth watch and see his reaction. She disagrees. Satya returns asking what is happening. Jay walks out of washroom and asks Jaya to return h is watch. Jaya looking at Samar drops watch on floor. Samar thinks Jay will vent out his anger now, but Jay looks at his watch’s broken glass and says it is okay. Samar says Jay is many watches like this. Jay says it is unique as his mother gifted it and he will repair it and wear. Satya praises Jay’s calm nature.

Jaya feels guilty and informs Jay that Samar meet his ex-wife Nalini and what she told. Jay tells Samar that he must have met Nalini inebriated in a bar, she is an alcoholic and their marriage broke because of it, she was more interested in alimony and is eyeing on his money again. Satya says Samar is jobless and his empty mind is doing all crazy things. Jaya apologizes Jay again. Jay says it is okay, he will come in the evening to take her for party and leaves. Jaya walks away angrily looking at Samar. Satya taunts he is defeated, even then he is trying hard, he will be more hurt seeing Jaya getting ready to go out with Jay.

Jaya gets ready in a beautiful sari. Samar walks to her and asks to take care of herself. She says Jay is there to take care of her. He holds her hand. She pushes it and walks away with Jay holding his hand into his car. Samar stands with teary eyes. Mai Phir bhi tumko chahungaa….song..plays in the background..

Precap: Jay takes Jaya to valentine’s day party. Samar with Puneeth and Karthik watches from a distance. Jay requests Jaya for a dance and dances holding her waist. Samar gulps liquor in jealousy.

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