Manmohini 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dayimaa’s New Puzzle For Siya Written Episode

Manmohini 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siya tries to Dayimaa’s given laddoo. Dayimaa’s head excitedly waits for her to eat and know the secret she wants to say. Ram enters and throws laddoo and warns Siya that she will not have Dayimaa’s given laddoo as Dayimaa wants to kill Siya somehow. Siya says Dayimaa will never thinking of harming her. Ram says he does not wants to argue and orders Mohini to throw Dayimaa’s all belongings. Once he leaves, Mohini says laddoo is so hard and tries to take laddoos away saying Ram is right. Siya stops her and asks her to bring hammer. She breaks laddoo thinking why it is so hard and finds diamond in it. Mohini says Kunwar saa was right that Dayimaa wants to kill Kunwar rani saa as diamond is used for suicide or kill someone. Siya shatters hearing that. Mohini says she will protect Siya like a sister. Siya thanks her and asks her to leave her alone for sometime. Mohini walks away.

Ram checks business deals with Vivian and says Siya trusts Dayimaa blindly and does not want to go back to London soon, their business is suffering, so he wants Vivian to return London and look after business with power of attorney. Vivian thinks he came here for wealth and not small business. He says he cannot leave his brother Ram and Siya in this condition and will stay with them. Dadimaa gets emotional hearing that and accepts Vivian as her grandson. Vivian hugs her and thinks this is real power of attorney to get both wealth and family business.

Mohini walks to Dayimaa’s head and insists why did she add diamond in laddoo Dayimaa says as Mohini ordered to kill Siya. Mohini shouts that she is not a fool and what clue she has hidden. Dayimaa says nothing. Mohini tortures Dayimaa, but Dayimaa does not reveal anything. On the other side, Siya cries thinking how can Dayimaa try to kill her. Dayimaa calls Siya unable to bear toture. Siya hears her voice and laddoos from dustbin fall down. Siya breaks them and finds neelam stone and pearl, realizes Dayimaa does not want to kill her and it is some puzzle. Dayimaa rejoices hearing that and taunts Mohini to torture her more, singing song. Mohini creates more chilli fumes. Ram calls Mohini and she meets him. He says Siya still blindly trust Dayimaa and Dayimaa wants to kill Siya, so he wants Mohini to guard Siya always. Mohini says she will be around Siya like a shadow. Ram gives her haveli’s keys and leaves. Mohini rejoices and thinks now Siya will see what she can do.

Vivian notices Mohini’s moment and thinks her leg injuries cannot heal so early, so she is the one who can help him. Ram asks Dadimaa if she brought what he ordered for Siya. Dayimaa says yes.

Precap: Someone kidnaps Siya.

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