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Manmohini 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siya meets Raj Jyotish ji and informs that Mohini is chudail and problems started since Mohini entered haveli and even Dayimaa warned her against Mohini many times. Raj Jyotish ji says they cannot doubut Mohini without any proof and maybe Dayimaa wanted to signal that they can reach chudail via Mohini, many times they wrongly punish innocent girls thinking them as chudail. Siya asks then what she should do. Raj Jyotish ji says they should test Mohini repeatedly and find out if she is chudail or not. Siya asks how. Raj Jyotish ji says via amantrit salt, chudail will burn with salt and via music as ghagra paltan chudails cannot control themselves if music is played. He praises Siya that he is standing in front of sati and bends in front of her. Siya gets him up and asks not to do that.

Mohini thinks Siya trusts her so much and will fall flat on her face after losing Ram to her. Ram searches Siya.
Mohini thinks when will Ram search her like this. She thinks of luring Ram, clashes with him, and acts as apologizing. Ram angrily drops her on floor and walks away. Mohini sits on floor smirking. She then goes to her den and punishes her Ghagra paltan team for disobeying her. Dayimaa enjoys her drama.

Siya returns home. Ram asks where was she, he was searching her all around. Siya thinks she has to act as Daayan is watching her and throws tantrums. Dadimaa enters and asks what is happening. Siya continues throwing tantrum. Ram asks Dadimaa to control her bahu and walks away. Dadimaa scolds Siya that she is doing wrong. Siya continues her drama seeing Mohini and cries that she fell in love of a man who does not love her, she does not know how to lure him. Mohini suggests food and dance. Siya says she tried food and dance Mohini has to teach her. She asks Mohini to bring food for her. Mohini brings food. Siya asks her to have food with her. Mohini gets tensed that her truth will be out if she eats salted food, acts that she cannot have food with her boss. Siya says they are sister. Mohini says she will bring her thali and walks towards kitchen. Siya silently mixes amantrit salt in dish and calls Mohini to have food in same plate. Mohini returns tensed. Siya says she will feed her from her hands and feeds a bite. Mohini’s throat burns. siya notices that. Mohini starts coughing and says she is unwell and will have food later. Siya holds her hand and says she understands everything.

Precap: Mohini spits amantrit salt as fire to save herself. Siya notices that and thinks her doubt is right, Mohini is chudail.

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