Manmohini 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dayimaa Kills Siya Written Episode

Manmohini 2nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siya asks Dayimaa what is the issue and why she is looking tensed. Dayimaa says she is fine and what will happen top her when she has Ram to protect her, whose name itself is very pious. Once Siya leaves, Dayimaa sits tensed. Mohini enters and doing her chudail drama asks to come out. Siya tells Dadimaaa that Dayimaa is definitely hiding something. Ram says Dayimaa is busy preparing laddoos and not revealing anything. Siya asks him to calm down, and he walks away murmuring. Dadimaa says whenever Siya is with Ram, chudail could not harm Ram, so she should be always near Ram. Siya reminisces all the recent incidents and says she is right. Siya promises Dadimaa that she will always be with Ram.

Mohini sharpens knife singing Chakku and tells Dayimaa she is not a simple chudail to forgive her, Dayimaa should kill Siya tonight. Ram practices sword skills thinking of all the incidents and realizes that Siya’s life is in danger before him, Chudail will have to kill Siya to get to him, so he has to protect Siya. Mohini gives knife and orders Dayimaa to kill Siya.

Dayimaa meets Siya hiding knife behind. Siya assures her that she will be around Ram always and will protect him. Dayimaa says she needs to inform her about chudail and asks her to come to jungle. Siya reaches jungle and calls Dayimaa. Once Dayimaa reaches, she asks why did she call her here instead of informing about chudail at home. Dayimaa stabs her.

Precap: Dayimaa tells Mohini that she killed Siya as per Mohini’s order, now Mohini should not even go near Ram. Mohini slaps her and says why should not she, she will get intimate with
Ram now.

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