Manmohini 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini Beheads Dayimaa; Dayimaa is Chudail Written Episode

Manmohini 5th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor informs Ram that whoever has attacked Siya has infused poison into her body and they need antivenom soon. In jungle, Dayimaa is shocked to hear that Mohini has smeared poison on knife. Mohini signs and says since Dayimaa did not kill sautan Siya at once, sautan will die slowly now because of Dayimaa. Ram asks doctor to bring antivenm soon then. Doctor says until they find out which poison is it, they cannot do anything. Dadimaaa with Vivian and Mallika walks in and seeing Siya’s condition asks Ram who dared to stab Siya. Ram says Dayimaa. Dadimaa is shocked hearing that. Ram says he will not spare Dayimaa. Mohini beheads Dayimaa as punishment. Doctor says they cannot save Siya, so Ram should call her family. Ram says he will not let Siya die easily and walks out. Mallika starts her overacting who will do Siya’s last rights. Dadimaa says let Ram go, she is sure he will save Siya.

Dayimaa’s head speaks and tells Mohini that she cannot kill her. Mohini says she forgot that Dayimaa is also a chudail like her, but she decided to serve royal family and got few boons; she can enter temple, eat prasad, pray god, etc. She is serving royal family since 150 years and saw her family dying, but now she cannot save Siya and soon I will kill Ram and possess his soul. Dayimaa says she cannot harm Siya at all as Ram will protect her and will not let her die.

Ram walks to Devimaa’s temple and confronts her that Siya always served Devimaa like a true daughter, but she is fighting or her life; Devimaa has to return Siya’s life, else he will sacrifice his life till she agrees. He picks lamps and says he will dance till death or Siya’s life is returned. He dances hitting his head on temple bells and dancing on glass pieces.

Precap: Doctor tells he cannot keep Siya’s lifeless body on ventilator anymore. Ram tries to stab himself with trishul.

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