Manmohini 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ram Saves Siya Written Episode

Manmohini 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram walks towards Siya reminiscing time spent with her. He pleads her to wake up and look at her khajoor. He holds her hand and says women in temple were telling Kunwar rani saaa is lucky to have Kunwar saa in her life. He continues pleading her to wake up and reminiscing doctor’s words that Siya is no more and they should remove ventilator. He shouts he will not and pleads Siya to wake up, they will go to London from here and will never he return here. Mohini looking from door thinks whatever he tries, Siya will not wake up. Ram holds Siya’s hand and it falls down. He tells doctor if Siya’s whole blood has turned poisonous, he should remove whole blood and transfuse my blood into Siya’s body. Doctor says it is impossible. Ram shouts if his medical science does not permit he does not care, just start transfusion arrangements.

Doctor starts transfusing Ram’s blood into Siya. Mohini does her black magic looking from door, and lights flicker. Siya gasps for air and stops breathing. Doctor checks and says she is no more. Ram shakes Siya to wake up. Mohini thinks Rana saa is wasting his blood and tears. Ram cries if only women are pativrati and men can’t be patnivrata. Dayimaa’s head prays god to please listen to Ram’s pleas and save Siya.

Ram hugs Siya and cries pleading her to wake up. Mohini extends her hand towards Ram. Siya breathes and wakes up. Everyone are amused to see that while Mohini stands shocked and jealous. Siya and Ram confess love for each other. Mohini goes to her den and taunts Dayimaa that Siya may got back her life, but she will die soon. Siya asks Ram if he did not apply sindhoor on vat savitri day and asks to get sindhoor. Mohini laughs and says Siya herself brought death on herself. Siya collapses again. Doctor says she is very weak and let her rest. Ram goes to get sindhoor for Siya. Mohini reaches and she will attack Siya openly.

Precap: Mohini strangulates Siya. Ram sees that via door and knocks door hard but in vain.

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