Manmohini 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini Takes Away Siya Written Episode

Manmohini 9th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini shows her daayan avatar and creates havoc in hospital. People get afraid seeing it. Mohini then enters Siya’s ICU room. Ram reaches temple and thanks god for saving his Siya. He continues thanking god and walks towards hospital back. Dadimaa sees chudail in Siya’s room and tries to stop her, but chudail strangulates her and throws her out. She then strangulates Siya. Ram returns and is shocked to see that. He tries to enter room, but Mohini throws him away. He pleads to spare his Siya. Mohini disappears with Siya. Ram asks Dadimaa if he saw how chudail took his Siya..

Ram returns to temple and asks god if he had to snatch back Siya, then why did he return her; how can he let evil spirit chudail take away Siya with her. He reminisces Siya reading Ramayan and reciting chapter where Sita Devi applies sindhoor to her forehead for Ramji’s long life and Hanumanji applies sindhoor to whole body for Ramji’s long life. He says he will also apply sindhoor to his whole body to save his wife, if wife is pativrata, he is patnivrata and will save his wife any cost. He appllies sindoor to his whole body and reminisces Siya telling Ramayan has solutions for all problems. He picks Ramayan and walks away searching Siya. He walks into jungle where a hawk drops Siya’s ring on ground. He follows the path.

Mohini takes Siya’s body to jungle and tells her Ghagra paltan team that she finally killed Siya and took her revenge. Team asks if they should bury even Siya’s body. Mohini says no, she will punish Siya more first and gets sword via black magic. Ram reaches there reading Ramayan.

Precap: Mohini is about to behead Siya when Ram enters throwing knife on Mohini.

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