Mere Sai 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Solves Keshav’s Financial Problem Written Episode

Mere Sai 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rukmini gets worried for her son Keshav and asks what is he doing. Keshav asks if she does not trust him. She says she does, but what is he doing. Keshav says he is staring a business with Tatya and wants to be self-sufficient and stand on his own feet without his father’s support. She asks if he arranged money. He says not yet, wherever he goes, they ask collateral security. Rukmini offers him money. He says he cannot take his father’s illegal money, else his purpose of earning loyally will fail. She says she wants him to succeed in life.

Sai washes utensil and it sparkles like gold. Parvathi and Keshav watch it from their house. Parvathi reminisces Sai’s gyaan that one should converse things for future use. She picks her father’s gifted bangle from her trunk and tells Keshav that her fathered gifted it and it is not Kulkarni’s, so he can use it for his business. Keshav thanks her and says he will return it soon.

Next morning, 2 boys buy pots from potter and break them targetting pots with gilli danda. Potter stops them and asks what are they doing. They say they already paid him and can do whatever they want. Sai stops boys and says everything cannot be evaluated by money and potter works so hard getting soil from far away and moulds it into desired shape with his hard work, so they cannot insult potter’s hard work like this. Potter says Sai is right, he sold them pot for cheap thinking he will respect his hard work, but they are insulting it instead. He returns their money and asks to return his pots. Boys apologize and tell Sai they realized their mistake.

At Pari’s house, Tara weaves kerchiefs and makes design on them. Pari says she finished weaving all of them. Shubhangi scolds her to learn from Tara. Vishwas Rao gets happy seeing her daughter being praised. Next morning, Pari gets ready in her favorite red dress and asks her father how is she looking. He says beautiful like an angel. Tara comes out and wearing similar red dress asks Shubhangi how is she looking. Vishwas Roa enters and praises her and scolds Shubhangi why did she let Pari wore red dress, she is looking more dark. Pari says her parents told she is looking like an angel. Vishwas Rao continues yelling. Shubhangi asks Pari to change to some light colored dress. Pari cries it is her favorite color, but Shubhangi continues scolding her.

Precap: Woman taunt Shubhangi that she should teach her daughter make her well-cultured like Tara. Shubhangi angrily drags Pari towards home.

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