Mere Sai 11th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Clears Keshav and Taya’s Misunderstanding Written Episode

Mere Sai 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni with his puppets laughs that Keshav and Tatya’s friendship will break for sure. Rukmini hears that and thinks Kulkarni sarkar is not even sparing his son and prays god to protect their friendship. Sai asks Keshav to blindfold himself and fall and asks Tatya to hold him. Keshav falls carefully and stops saying he does not trust Tatya anymore. Sai then asks Tatya who does same. Sai then asks them both to blindfold themselves, he will hold them. They agree. He says he may not be able to hold them both. They both agree and fall. Sai holds them at the nick of touching ground. He then reminds them about his suggestion to never mistrust on each other. They both yell not anymore as they both broke each other’s trust. Sai asks them to wait while he cleans his utensils and clear dirt from them. Taya tells Keshav that he supplied vegetables alone and found it difficult when Keshav’s sent labor Girdhari came and helped him. Keshav asks who Girdhari. Tatya says his uncle’s neighbor whom he sent for help. Keshav says he does not know anyone named Girdhari and did not send anyone. Tatya says Girdhari came and informed that British base camp chief rejected their order. Keshav says camp chief told Tatya did not deliver vegetables since 15 days. They both realize Girdhari mislead them.

They both walk to Sai and says he was right, they had misunderstanding, how will they find Girdhari to know truth. Sai asks them to bring his begging bowl and filling water in it asks them to drop water into tulsi plant together. They walk towards tulsi plant when they see Kulkarni’s conspiracy for breaking their friendship, Chihu Tai joining him, Anta and Panta’s hiring Girdhari to spoil their business, etc. At home, Chihu serves sweet to Kulkarni. Keshav enters angrily calling his father’s name.

Precap: Govinda performs his father’s barsi. Sai thinks Govinda’s prayers will be heard soon.

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