Mere Sai 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Solves Priests’ Problem Written Episode

Mere Sai 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai goes to Baiza maa’s house to take charity from her. Aaji tells her family that Kulkarni hates them and will try to fail Tatya’s new business. Appa says they cannot keep quiet wit this fear. Baizaa says Sai always taught them to think positive always. Sai asks Aaji if Tatya fell anytime in childhood why learning to walk. Aaji says yes. Sai asks if she stopped him from walking fearing of falling again. Aaji says no. Sai says then why is worried about failure, until they keep trying, they cannot succeed.

Priests disciples revolve around temple holding water mug and chanting Ram repeatedly. Bheema and his friend sees that and ask what are they doing. Shantanu ignores and continues revolving around temple and return to Dwarkamayi to meet Sai reminiscing his words they should not let even a drop of water fall from mug and whoever chants Ram more will be a winner and can become temple priest. Priest’s son Gopal sees his opponent Shantanu’s mug empty and gets happy thinking he will win. Shantanu tells Sai that he got enrasped in chanting Ram name so deep that he did not realize when water from mug spilled out. Mohan happily says his water in mug is intact, so he is entitled to become temple priest and even as per lineage, he has right to take his father’s place. Sai says Shantanu was engrasped in praying god while Mohan was busy worried about water, so Shantanu should become priest. He continues that Mohan’s father had already informed Mohan about his decision to make Shantanu as priest after him, but Mohan after his father’s death sensed opportunity and was trying his luck. Mohan apologizes Sai and says he heard about Sai’s leela/magic right.

Pari does household chores with great difficulty. Shubhangi gives her more chores, and Pari cuts her finger while cutting vegetable. Shubhangi says it is common for housewives and gives her more work. At night, Shubhangi makes herbal paste and forcefully applies it on Pari’s face and hands. Pari shouts in pain and says she applied paste on her finger cut. Shubhangi asks to get habituated to pain as it is common for housewives.

Next day, Sai goes seeking charity and gives fruits to children. Children asks what will he have if he gives his fruits to them. He says if he does karma, it will return to him and someone will give fruit to him again. He then sees a son trying to feed his father and requests him to convince his father to have food. Father explains his ordeal in detail that his son took him to Mumbai for treatment and took him to allopathic doctor, spending most of his savings, and when they heard, his wife died and his younger son’s leg was amputated due to illness, now they don’t have any savings and he is in deep sorrow and cannot eat. Sai says their deeds will return to them always and demonstrates by throwing a stick in air and it returns back. He suggests one should keep doing good deeds.

Precap: Pari unable to bear her mother’s taunts mixes lots of saffron in milk and drinks it thinking she will get fair soon. She gets severe stomachache and is rushed to Sai seeking help.

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