Mere Sai 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Shuts Madhav’s School Written Episode

Mere Sai 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

British officer inspects Madhav’s school and says school lacks basic necessities. Kulkarni says if he had sought his help, he would have given some charity. Officer asks why don’t he study children in school. Madhav says it is house inside. Officer asks how can he do that and what process he is following. Kulkarni says he does not follow any procedure, so nobody from their village has reached higher studies. Officer says he cannot permit this school and writes cancellation orders. Madhav stands tensed. Kulkarni grins at Madhav and leaves.

Sai asks Krishnakanth to fetch water from well. Krishnakanth picks water pot and thinks how will it help him get sleep. Madhav with Appa walks to Sai and describes whole incident and says teaching was his only means of earning, how will he feed his family now. Sai reminds him of Krishnakanth and says he is in deep trouble, but is still courageous. He suggests that he has to find some other work to support his family. Madhav says he can do anything and asks Appa to give him job as labor in his fields. Appa says he is a teacher and cannot do strenous work. Sai says no work is big or small, one should just work loyally. Appa says if Sai says he will give job to Madhav in his fields. Sai smiles.

At night, Sai asks Krishnakanth to sleep now as it is late night and himself falls asleep. Krishnakanth fumes that instead of helping him sleep, Sai is sound asleep. Krishnakanth wakes him up and shouts instead of making him sleep, he is sleeping peacefully. Sai says his wealth bag is his problem, until he parts way with it, he will not get sleep. Sai says his wealth is safe in his hand, he will not keep it away. Sai says worry for his wealth is not letting him sleep.

Precap: Sai sings lullaby and makes Krishnakanth sleep.

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